In Hamburg can see now, everyone, how’s the mood among the citizens. Once you are happy, sad, angry or surprised. A new art project in the port city. “Public Face” is a five-foot-tall Neon-Smiley, to make the emotions of the Hamburger catching and visible.

The action is part of the Plan of the port city-curator Ellen Blumenstein and the collective feelings of the people in real time. Developed the interactive artwork, in order to make the district a little more lively – in the context of the quarter-project “Imagine the City” (“imagine the city”). In order for art to come in the somewhat barren and deserted port city. And organized the project will be designed by a Berlin-based artists Julius von Bismarck, Benjamin Maus, and Richard Wilhelmer.


the most Intimate secrets on a public post cards

the giant Smiley works in Hamburg

But how does it work actually? The Smiley collects through an algorithm recordings of public “measuring devices”, that is, cameras in the district. As the citizens look, the Smiley looks, in real time. He can change his facial Expressions to the data. He translates, so to speak, the mood values of the passers-by through the data, which are extracted by the film. Not be stored in these shots, unlike in the case of large corporations, but are immediately deleted.

especially For the purpose, cameras were set up in the district. How many are there or where the artist does not want to betray are collective. But: The cameras are identified at their sites, because without prior Information, individuals should not be filmed.

to the project

to convey This “data octopus” you could, if you wanted to, as the largest point of criticism of the “Public Face” and the Smiley rant. But you would be wrong – because that’s exactly on what the creators want to point out. A critical reflection of the monitoring processes in the public space. “The Tragic thing about All this is that the people interested most of the time, if you go around for example in supermarkets and as constantly for marketing purposes and analysed to be filmed. With similar, yet much more sophisticated Algorithms behind it. Look how old is someone who said what to look at, and so on”, one of the creators, Richard Wilhelmer, the NDR.

But the “Public Face” to make, according to the curator of the flowers stone of the people visible in the public space, it should provide for communication between art, passers-by and urban area. So, do not forget: Always beautiful city smile in the Port.

sources: “NDR”, “Hamburger Abendblatt”


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