A dead pigeon in an exhaust gas pipe suspected of causing a life-threatening carbon monoxide concentration in an apartment in Pforzheim. Three residents were found Friday evening unconscious.

they were brought in special clinics, such as the police and fire brigade said. The incident occurred in a multi-family house in the Pforzheimer center. In the case of life-threatening injured, it was a 39-year-old man and two women aged 47 and 22 years.

A police spokesman stated that one of the three residents had been missed by Someone – and these have informed the police. The officials had then procured a key, the three Unconscious found, and the fire and rescue service informed.

find The criminal investigation, police said. Cause of high carbon monoxide concentration could be gas water heaters in the apartment, it said. The fire Department said shortly afterwards, however, that a chimney sweep found a dead pigeon in the exhaust pipe and this was blocked.