About a week before a planned UN peace conference threatens in the civil war, the country of Libya, a new escalation of violence.

The influential General Khalifa Haftar and his troops, on Thursday the order to advance on the capital, Tripoli, where the internationally recognised government sits. UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, expressed during a visit to the North African country was concerned over the military operation.

“Today we are (…) our victorious March, the March of the struggle,” said Haftar, in an audio message with the title “Operation to liberate Tripoli”. “Today, we have the right to Call our relatives in our expensive capital city, as we have promised you.”

Guterres said on Twitter that there is for the conflict has no military solution. “Only an intra-Libyan dialogue can solve the Libyan problem,” he wrote. The UN chief called on to calm the parties to the conflict and restraint.

In Libya ever since the overthrow of long-time ruler Muammar al-Gaddafi in the 2011 civil war and chaos. As the main counterparty Haftar and the internationally recognized government of Fajis al compared to Sarradsch.

Haftars troops had advanced in the past few months, from the East to the Algerian border in the West of Libya. They brought, among other things, the oil Wells under their control. Is supported Haftar from Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Russia.

on Wednesday Haftars media office had announced the advance on Tripoli. The Operation had the objective to clean up the West of Libya of remaining “terrorist groups,” it said. The spokesman of Haftar’s forces, Ahmed al-Mismari said, this moved on Thursday in the city of Gharian, around 100 kilometers South of Tripoli.

Al-Sarradsch had declared on Wednesday evening, the General mobilization of his loyal troops. The presidential Council under his leadership, ordered, against all threats, which would have the objective to shake the stability of Libya.

For the middle of April is planned in the city of Ghadames, a three-day national conference, organized by the UN. UN special envoy Ghassan Salame want to there are searching for solutions to the year-long crisis. Also, the UN security Council supported the Meeting and declared the end of March, the conference offers a crucial opportunity to achieve peace in the country.

Haftar and Sarradsch had known several elections, most recently in February at a Meeting in Abu Dhabi. The UN spoke of a date in this year, a specific date, but there is so far.

Libya has developed into one of the most important transit countries of migrants on the way to Europe. Of the Libyan Mediterranean coast, boats with refugees. The EU had declared the end of March, you will have to stop your marine use in front of Libya’s coast, the smugglers stopped. The member States could not agree on a System for the distribution of rescued migrants.