In the presidential election in Slovakia, a woman for the first time the clear favourite.

The liberal civil lawyer Zuzana Caputova was last in the polls, clearly ahead of Maros Sefcovic, the of the ruling social Democrats nominated Vice-President of the EU Commission. Already in the first ballot on may 16. In March, the 45-year-old environmental activist, won with nearly 41 percent is a substantial lead on the 52-year-old diplomat, who was not quite 19 percent in the Second.

Since Saturday morning, more than 4.4 million voting are called eligible for the election of their new head of state for the next five years. In Sunny spring weather, the choice was in the first half of the day without significant incident. Also many Slovaks who live in the Austrian and Hungarian neighbouring municipalities of the capital city of Bratislava, drove specifically over the border, to be able to take part in the vote, which is only possible in Germany. The polls are open on Saturday evening until 22.00. The results are expected for Sunday. Any political party, incumbent President Andrej Kiska will no longer occurred.

The ballot is overshadowed by a not yet fully enlightened journalists murder a year ago. The investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancee were at 21. February 2018 shot in your house, to the East of Bratislava. Kuciak had Connections to the social democratic-led government to dubious enterprises researched. The fact the country plunged into a severe political crisis, which persists in spite of mass demonstrations against corruption triggered change of government.

Caputova had managed to make itself the bearer of hope, the demonstration of movement, the desires of a fundamental change, explained to the pollsters Pavel Haulik before the election to the German press Agency. The diplomat Sefcovic, however, did it hurt, that he will be perceived by the Public as a candidate of the corruption scandals burdened party in government, Smer-social democracy, although he was not formally independent, said Haulik.