The Federal government’s plans to simplify the launch of eye-catching wolves encounter in professional shepherds to consent.

“for us, That is a huge relief,” said Chairman of the Association of professional schäfer, Günther Czerkus, the German press Agency. “The wolves and the shooting down of the Problem to the front bring.” The policy from the draw with the draft law, which was legally possible at the moment.

The draft will be discussed by the Federal Cabinet. Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD), and Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner (CDU) had been arguing about it for months, and finally the Chancellery had communicated. Wolves spread since the turn of the Millennium in Germany again and attack again and again and sheep and other farm animals.

“We shepherd see ourselves not as a hunter of the wolf, but as guardians of our sheep,” said Czerkus. For the protection of animals does not belong to that of wolves, “adhering to the rules of the game”, the shot would have to be.

to be shot down cracks After the Wolf to the plans of the Federal government, according to individual animals for so long, until there is no further damage – even if it is not clear which Wolf has attacked livestock. However, each launch must be previously approved. Wolves are under protection. Hybrids between Wolf and dog in the outdoors but to be shot down.

Also in the prevention of damage Czerkus sees progress, wants more pace in the implementation of the policy. The EU have allowed Schäfer protection would have paid for measures such as electric fences, which would be because of the return of wolves is necessary, completely, he said. This must now be transposed into national law. “We are with the overall development of satisfied, we are impatient with our animals.”

the Juxtaposition of Wolf and man in the most conflict-free, say scientists, for it, scare the animals off. The wildlife biologist Marco Heurich from the University of Freiburg was involved in a study. One way collars to give the animals electric shocks, as soon as you come in the vicinity of herds, or rubber bullets are.

“the goal of this method is that animals habituate, from people and animals to stay away,” says Heurich, the German press Agency. These methods were not investigated, in the US, there had been already promising experience.

Also people should be made clear that you should not approach wolves, for the animals to get used to you, said Heurich. He praised, therefore, that it should be banned with the planned Amendment of the Federal nature conservation act to feed the animals or attract.

criticism came from the environmental protection organisation BUND. With the planned Amendments to the protection of other species-from kingfishers to fish will be weakened “through the back door” otter, said managing Director Olaf Bandt. After cracks “just on suspicion” the whole pack shoot, could be a solution. Attacks on livestock can even increase when the pack will be destroyed structure, foreign wolves immigrated or young wolves would have to hunt without parents food.

The German hunting Association (DJV) welcomed the draft law as a step in the right direction, but misses a comprehensive concept of action. The German farmers ‘ Association, in the sheep-holders are organized, criticized the draft, too – he doesn’t want that in regions with a pronounced grazing livestock wolves to settle in the first place. So-called wolf-free zones, declines in the Ministry for the environment, but keeps you also not feasible, because the animals are moving long distances.