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letter bomb in London discovered – Anti-Terror-unit is determined (18.42 hrs)man kills apparently parents and sister in a psychiatric hospital 16.52 PM) (football team: Loew screens Boateng, Hummels and Müller (15.07 hours), and the New tracks in the missing case, Rebecca (10.15)Ex-foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel died (9.31 PM)

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+++ 19.10 PM: Several detonations in the police use in French high-security prison +++

The use of security forces against a rebelling prisoner in a French prison has been several detonations. This AFP Reporter who pursued the action in front of the detention center in Condé-sur-Sarthe reported. There, the inmate had two injured guards with a knife hard and then with his partner in a room barricaded. The government suspected a terrorist Background.

+++ 18.42 watch: letter bomb in London discovered – Anti-Terror-unit +++

Several small letter bombs have been discovered at various locations in London. The Anti-terrorist unit were determined. In the vicinity of the London City Airport, Heathrow airport and Waterloo station envelopes were found in which small yellow plastic bags were. It was rigged with explosives, in the location of smaller fires trigger, informed Scotland Yard. Was hurt but no one.

The police believe that the three incidents are connected. A motive, nothing was known. The air and rail traffic was not affected. the is One of the DIN-A4-envelopes was partially in flames, as an employee of Heathrow airport opened. The building is not located directly on the airport site, was evacuated.

+++ 18 p.m.: abuse in Bonn caravan – suspect, multi-record +++

A 54-Year-old in a trailer in Bonn, a twelve-year-old girl is said to have abused, several times previously convicted. There have been drug and property crimes, and drunk driving, said a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office. The man was also convicted for a sex offence have a criminal record, the back deck, but decades. Against the 54-Year-old was issued on Monday arrest warrant on suspicion of serious sexual abuse.

+++ 16.52 PM: man suspected of killing parents and sister in psychiatry +++

After the alleged killing of his parents and his sister in lower Bavaria, the suspect 41-Year-old has been committed to a psychiatric hospital. An investigating judge in Regensburg, Germany, issued an internment order against the man, the police announced in Straubing. It is the urgent suspicion of manslaughter.

A Relative of the victim had informed on Monday morning by the police, because he could not reach his family. In the dwelling-house in Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg, the police officers found the 41-year-old and discovered the bodies of his 69-year-old mother of 72-year-old father and 37-year-old sister. The Suspect resisted, according to police his arrest, an officer was slightly injured. The bodies had according to the investigators, signs of “blunt force trauma”.

+++ 15.39 at: Facebook and Google restrict election advertising to a +++

Facebook has been in Indonesia before the presidential election on may 17. April, the publication of election advertising is prohibited, which is financed from abroad. In order for a foreign interference should be prevented on the vote, announced the Online network. Prior to the parliamentary elections in Canada in the autumn, the Internet giant Google also announced restrictions.

+++ 15.07 at: national soccer coach Jogi Löw sorted until further notice, three of the Bayern-Stars from +++

The football world Cup in 2014, Jerome Boateng, Mats Hummels and Thomas Müller will play in the national football team. The “image”newspaper (Paid-content). According to the sheet, national coach Jogi Löw 2019 as the year in which the change of the national team after the world Cup-Broke in the last year forward and the Team should get a new face. Boateng, 30, Hummels, 30, and Müller, 29, are still “a player of world level”. Löw would like to thank the Stars of FC Bayern for the “many successful, exceptional, and unique common year.”

+++ 14.44 PM: Eight years in prison after arson attack on homeless people in Berlin +++

After an arson attack on two homeless people in Berlin, a 48-year-old man has been sentenced for manslaughter to eight years in prison. The death of one of the two homeless people had undoubtedly been a result of the attack by the defendant, reasoned the district court judgment. Was sentenced Aleksandr T. in addition, for attempted manslaughter and dangerous bodily injury. T. had doused the men with gasoline and set on fire. Add to this the hurrying passers-by helped to extinguish the fire. One of the two victims, at the time of the murder of 47-Year-old, succumbed to his injuries in November. The second, homeless people suffered minor burns.

+++ 14.36 PM: French Jihadist Jean-Michel Clain, apparently killed in Syria +++

The French Jihadist, Jean-Michel Clain has been killed, according to his wife, in the last Bastion of the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) in Eastern Syria. His wife Dorothée Maquere told the news Agency AFP, after they had left the village Baghus, February and her brother-in-law Fabien Clain had been by a drone killed. Later, her husband came by mortar fire and killed. The death of Fabien Clain was on 21. February of well-informed circles in Paris, have been reported. The 41-Year-old and his 38-year-old brother, Jean-Michel were stopped earlier in the village of Baghus on the Iraqi border, the target of an air RAID by the international Anti-IS coalition. According to Maquere her husband in the drone attack was initially seriously injured, before he was killed in a second attack.

+++ 14.31 PM: Stuttgart Wilhelma is now home to the largest crocodile in Germany +++

A truly tough nut to crack is to see in the Stuttgart Wilhelma Zoo: saltwater crocodile Frederick weighs 520 pounds, is 4.31 metres long and thus, according to the zoo, the largest crocodile in Germany. Five hours, two dozen keepers and craftsmen, and a crane were needed to heave the cargo box due to the Wilhelma, and in the future the enclosure, it said in a statement. Frederick is a native of Australia and lived there in a crocodile Park.

+++ 14.06 PM: FiatChrysler would rather pay a fine than E-cars to develop +++

The car maker Fiat Chrysler (FCA) wants to criminal payments in respect of climate-damaging exhaust gases, if that is cheaper than high investment for electric cars. “We take the path with the lowest cost,” said FCA CEO Mike Manley at the Geneva auto salon. The question was, whether the customer’s E-buy cars, said Manley. Today, the sales in Europe is very low. But if the market you want, and will also build Fiat-Chrysler.

+++ 13.12 clock: Amazon should take action against product purchased reviews procedure +++

Amazon may make a counter-party that purchased the product reviews on the online portal. The higher regional court (OLG) of Frankfurt am Main ruled that reviews that do not make their “commercial purpose”, are unfair. Consumers, according to the court, that reviews are, in principle, be created without consideration. A commercial Background, they could not recognize in the case of reviews, without a corresponding note independently. Amazon had appealed against an assessment portal, the Tester of the product provider. The testers write a Review for the product and must keep it in return, or pay only a small residual amount. The reviews, the Portal automatically sets on Amazon – however, without regard to the pecuniary advantage of the tester’s values.

+++ 13.09 PM: the Swedish Academy awarded this year’s two Nobel literature prizes +++

The Swedish Academy awarded this year’s two literature Nobel prizes. After the cancellation in the previous year, a prize winner for the year 2018 as well as for the year 2019 will be proclaimed this fall, was announced by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm on Tuesday. In accordance with the internal problems for the awarding of the prize, relevant Academy, the Nobel Foundation was of the view that the Institution had taken several important measures to have the trust in you to restore. With these reforms, the Academy have the opportunity to leave the past year behind.

+++ 12.58 PM: teacher Association: Permanent summer time endangers the health of students +++

The German teachers ‘ Association fears for the event of a permanent switch to summer time health dangers for students. “The probability for sleep and learning problems, depression, and Diabetes is shown to increase significantly,” said President Heinz-Peter Meidinger, Berlin. He called on the government to prevent the potential introduction of permanent daylight saving time in Germany. Meidinger also referred to the increasing accident risks, because millions of students would then have to “take two months longer in total darkness, your morning journey to school”. In the EU, is working on the abolition of the time change that occurs twice a year. Probably at the end of March, the EU will vote in Parliament about it.

+++ 12.37 PM: Chanel taken with a minute’s silence farewell of Karl Lagerfeld +++

With a minute’s silence at a fashion show in Paris the French fashion house Chanel saying goodbye to fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. The Models stayed on the catwalk at the Grand Palais, which had been transformed for the Defilée with Lagerfeld’s last collection in an alpine winter landscape. A lot of fashion fans in the audience wore Black.

+++ 12.31 PM: “horror house” of Höxter: Angelika W. omitted on Revision +++

After the sentencing to 13 years in prison in the process, the so-called “horror house” of Höxter Angelika W. dispense with a Revision. Her lawyer Peter Wüller said. He would call in consultation with his client this week, the Revision of the district court of Paderborn. So also the second judgment in the proceedings would be appealable.

+++ 11.50 am: women in Germany are slightly in the Majority +++

the women in Germany are still slightly in the Majority. According to data from the Federal Statistical office they stood in October, with 50.3 percent, a slight majority of the population. Around 42.1 million women lived, therefore, in Germany, the Wiesbaden-based authority for international women’s day announced on Friday. Over the decades, increasingly aligned with the proportion of men and women of the population, according to statistics. In the Wake of the world wars women in 1950 had accounted for a significant majority of 53.5 percent of the German population. The proportion of women among the 10.1 million foreigners in Germany was, therefore, at the reporting date, in October, at around 47 per cent. Information on the proportion of people with third gender “divers” were, according to the statistician, for methodological reasons, hitherto not possible.

+++ 11.21 PM: the White house called congressional investigations against Trump as “a scandal” +++

The US government after the beginning of extensive investigations in the environment, from President Donald Trump, the Democrats “intimidation and abuse of American citizens” accused. The Democrats have had on the justice Committee of the chamber, a number of information of 81 persons and entities trump’s sons Donald Junior and Eric, the Trump organization, trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon and the unveiling platform Wikileaks requested below. The spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders, accused the judiciary Committee Chairman, Jerry Nadler, “a scandalous and abusive investigation is to be tapped, false accusations”, which were already investigated by special investigator Robert Mueller. Furthermore, Sanders accused the Democrats, “to harass the President, in order of their radical Agenda to distract”.

On the way to the “Impeachment”?

Democrats make a massive congressional investigation, pressure on Trump

It will seem to start everything on the table: The US Democrats have a comprehensive investigation against Donald Trump and his environment. The President speaks of “political fraud”, but wants to cooperate.

AFP +++ 11.07 PM: DAK: are 465,000 young people have questionable computer-behavior +++

465,000 young people in Germany, a study found that an alarming computer-game behavior. How the health insurance company DAK in Hamburg reported with reference to a study commissioned, it will show “a risky or pathological gambling in the sense of a gaming addiction”. In consequence, the Affected were missing more frequently in school than their peers, have more emotional problems and spend more money, it said. This affects around 15 percent of the approximately three million 12 – to 17-Year-old, who will play after their information up to date Computer. The insurance company called for measures to defuse the “gambling” character of the Play. “By the Tricks of the industry a lot find e young people criticised no end, and lost time and money,” DAK-Chairman of the Board, Andreas Storm.

+++ 10.50 PM: Pakistan’s Navy to stop Indian U-Boot +++

Pakistan’s Navy has detained according to information from an Indian submarine at the entrance in Pakistani waters. The Indian U-boat had been stopped, but not attacked – according to the policy of the government of Pakistan to “maintain peace,” said a Navy spokesman. Further details were not initially disclosed. It is the first such incident since 2016, when Pakistan had urged a Indian U-boat from the Pakistani waters””. In the past week, the conflict between arch-rivals India and Pakistan over the disputed Kashmir escalated-Region dangerous. Both countries claimed to have combat aircraft of the other state shot down.

+++ 10.15 p.m.: hair of the missing Rebecca, according to the report in the car the sister +++

found In the search for the last 16 days of missing Rebecca Reusch the police is apparently on the new tracks encountered. As the “image” and the “Berliner Zeitung” want to know, citing investigators circles, were found in the trunk of the car of the sister hair, the missing 15-Year-olds. The 27-Year-old uses the car with her as a suspicious man detained Florian R., the brother-in-law of Rebecca. According to the “Berliner Zeitung” to R. but it was at the time of the disappearance no access to the car, as Jessica is said to have been so on the go. In addition, should be ensured in the car fiber traces of a purple-colored ceiling, which is also gone. The traces could also be in the normal way in the trunk, is it. In addition, it should Whatsapp messages do not give the fit to the statements of Florian R. He should have written and receive messages, as he wants according to his statements, already asleep. According to his own statement, Florian R. was on Monday morning at 5.45 am by a Celebration of home. In the hours after Rebecca disappeared. According to the police, R is silent, so far, he said, only to have to do with the Disappearance of Rebecca’s nothing. With a view to the ongoing investigation, a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office did not want to take the Details of the position. “The top priority is to find Rebecca,” said the spokeswoman. There is a lot of evidence to the case, according to the police, nearly 350 notes should be received.

+++ 9.52 PM: cook Islands in the South Pacific want. new name +++

to give The cook Islands in the South Pacific want to rename: The small island state does not want to remember his name any longer to the British Navigator and Explorer James Cook, but of his Polynesian heritage The established by the government and that he directed the Committee have recommended, “that it is time to change the name of the country”, said the Chairman of the Committee, Danny Mataroa, in the capital, Avarua. The Committee had taken office in January, his work, to find a new local name for the 15 Islands that lie approximately 3000 kilometres North-East of new Zealand in the South Pacific. Mataroa said, the new Name to the cultural heritage of the Islands, its inhabitants and their strong Christian Faith, reflect. The original idea was to use a mixture of the old and the new name has already been discarded.

+++ 9.31 am: Ex-foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel died +++

The former German foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel is dead. The former FDP Chairman, died Monday at the age of 82 years, the current party leader, Christian Lindner, citing the family of the German press told the Agency.

Kinkel is buried at his own request, in the narrowest circle. He was for many years the closest associates of the former Minister of foreign Affairs Hans-Dietrich Genscher (also FDP). After his retirement from the foreign office he took over in 1992, for six years in the Ministry. Kinkel also Vice-Chancellor of the former black-yellow coalition.

The most important stations of the native Swabia: in 1979, the first civilian at the head of the Federal intelligence service (BND), 1982, state Secretary in the Federal Ministry of justice, participation in the German-German unification Treaty of 1991, the Federal Minister of justice, and it is only now entry in the FDP, in 1992, the Federal Minister of foreign Affairs, 1993 Vice-Chancellor Helmut Kohl (CDU) and the FDP-chief, leaving the Federal government with the election victory of Red-Green 1998; most recently chair of the German Telekom Foundation.

Former foreign Ministers

His “foster father” Genscher pulled him to the top of Klaus Kinkel’s dead

Klaus Kinkel was the successor to the legendary Hans-Dietrich Genscher in the office of the Federal Minister for foreign Affairs: Now the FDP has died-a politician at the age of 82 years.

DPA +++ 8.12 PM: opposition: car Manager, Ghosn must for the time being, remain in custody +++

in Japan imprisoned car Manager Carlos Ghosn is not allowed to leave, according to court information, the custody for the time being. The Prosecutor has against the decision of the district court in Tokyo, Ghosn on bail, objected.

+++ 6.51 PM: Hillary Clinton announces waiver of renewed presidential candidacy +++

Hillary Clinton is not pulling in 2020 in the campaign for the US presidency. “I don’t compete, but I will continue to work, speak, and use me for what I believe in,” said the Democrat, the CNN-partner channel “News 12 Westchester”. So the Ex came to the Secretary of state and former First Lady of the rumors, you could take after their failed candidacies in previous years, a further calls on the White house. The former Senator for New York was passed in 2008, the race for the presidential nomination of the Democrats, but lost to Barack Obama, ultimately the US President. Clinton became his Secretary of state. In 2016, Clinton prevailed in the primaries of the Democrats, but suffered a surprising electoral defeat against Donald Trump.

+++ 6.10 PM: study: a Second HIV Patient following stem cell Transplantation, virus-free +++

For the second Time in the world, an HIV-Patient after a stem cell Transplantation, virus-free. The researchers report in the journal “Nature”. The blood cancer man stem cells of the bone marrow were donor with a rare genetic Changeschange TRANS plan has been audited. In the case of the “London patient,” there is now for almost 19 months, no signs of the Aids Virus. So far the only documented “cure” of an HIV patient is the case of the U.S. citizen Timothy Brown about ten years ago. The healing began with the “Berlin Patient” known to Brown, after the donor bone marrow had been transplanted. This showed a genetic change that prevents infection with HIV – as now in the case of the “London patient”.

+++ Ticker +++

News of the day

“Beverly Hills, 90210″Star Luke Perry dies after a severe stroke

DPA +++ 5.35 PM: car Manager Carlos Ghosn-free +++

in Japan, on remand seat car Manager Carlos Ghosn comes out on bail released on bail. The district court in Tokyo decided on Tuesday. The Deposit amount is one billion Yen (equivalent to 7.9 million Euro).

The 64-year-old Ghosn, who saved Nissan from Bankruptcy and together with Renault and Mitsubishi, a powerful international Alliance was forged, was on 19. November in Tokyo for violation of stock exchange requirements and later charged. In addition, he is supposed to have according to prosecutors, private investment losses on the Nissan transfer. Ghosn asserts protested his innocence and said in court of a conspiracy against him.

+++ 4.50 PM:test series-to-Hepatitis-scandal-in clinic is still not completed +++

more than a quarter of a year after the announcement of the Hepatitis scandal in the Danube-Ries clinic in Donauwörth (Bavaria) the test series of previous patients is not yet completed. The health Department has prompted more than 1700 former patients of the hospital, Hepatitis C test. About 60 people were treated in the clinic, has been proven to be the disease now. A former anesthesiologist, who was himself ill, to have infected his patients during operations.Approximately 80 former patients, there is still no response, declared the head of the Department of health Donau-Ries, Rainer Mainka. These persons were part, moved abroad and, therefore, the contact would be difficult. Mainka is convinced that most of the so far tested positive OP-infected patients by the anesthetist. The Augsburg public Prosecutor’s office expects that the investigation against the anesthesia doctor will take even longer. The defenders of the accused doctor does not want to speak currently about the case.

+++ 4.10 PM: Habeck calls for stronger collective bargaining coverage, even in the Eco-industry +++

Greens leader Robert Habeck, a stronger collective bond calls in German companies. “Especially in the growing industries of the future such as renewable energies or the ecologically-oriented food trade, collective wage bargaining and co-determination at the core of the company should belong,” said Habeck the German press Agency ahead of a Meeting with the trade Union Confederation DGB on this Tuesday. The social partnership, i.e. the desire for a fair balance between the interests of employers and workers, must be brought “to the height of the time”. “It is true that the tariff binding.”

27-Year-old for the second Time arrested

suspected of homicide: brother-in-law of missing Rebecca in custody

DPA +++ 3.30 PM: Trump wants to take India and Turkey are the advantages when trading +++

The US threatens to India and China, the Status as developing countries, to withdraw and to end their previous special treatment in trade matters. President Donald Trump would not approve two States longer with their previous special status, and the duty-free Export of Goods in the United States, said the US trade representative Robert Lighthizer on Monday (local time) in Washington.

India had not been granted by the United States, as agreed, insurance companies for market access, but, on the contrary, barriers built, it was said to the grounds. The Turkey was, in turn, developed enough, have increased their Per capita economic output steadily and no longer need the 1975 conferred special status. The decision can, at the earliest, occur after the expiration of 60 days.

+++ 2.10 PM: corruption scandal in Canada: Trudeau loses another Minister +++

In the corruption and bribe scandal of allegedly suppressed an investigation against an engineering company, the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has lost another Cabinet member. Jane Philpott, who overlooked the finances of the government, filed on Monday (local time) for your resignation. You can’t defend the actions of the government, she informed. For Trudeau, the affair is also untimely, because in the fall elections.

Background are allegations that the investigation of the former Minister of justice, Jody Wilson-Raybould against the engineering firm SNC-Lavalin has been suppressed due to corruption and facilitation payments. The company, based in Montreal, is alleged to have, between 2001 and 2011, a bribe in the amount of the equivalent of 31 million euros to the family of Libyan ruler Muammar al-Gaddafi paid. In the case of a debt claim of the engineer – and construction giant with the world’s 50 000 employees over ten years with no public projects, for example in the areas of mining, Transport and infrastructure more bid.

+++ 1.45 PM: brother of Strasbourg-attacker Chekatt because of attack threats +++

sentenced to Nearly sentenced to three months after the attack on the Strasbourg Christmas market is the older brother of the attacker due to attack threats. A court in the Alsatian town imposed Chekatt on Monday a six-month jail sentence against Malek and suspended a further six months imprisonment on probation. However, the court ordered immediate transfer of the 38-Year-old in a detention facility. Probably Chekatt is the sentence not to compete. The court ordered but for the two-year probation period that Chekatt works and treat. The court stayed the sentence under the claim of the Prosecutor of one year in prison. The presiding judge Philippe Schneider said he wanted to leave Chekatt “don’t pay for it, that he is the ‘brother'” – even if the Convict “has made use of the fact, to be the ‘brother of’, to spread fear”.

+++ 1.25 PM: Maaßen to pass withdrawal-a compromise: the SPD fails in the security policy +++

Ex-protection of the Constitution CEO Hans-Georg Maaßen has the Federal government made a compromise to pass the withdrawal for fighters of foreign terrorist militias criticized and the SPD, sharply attacked. “This agreement is, in reality, further testimony of the failure of the SPD in the security policy,” said Maaßen, the “image”newspaper (Tuesday). “This party has prevented since 2016 an agreement on an Amendment to the nationality act willfully.” Now the law will come too late. Because after the collapse of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) and “in the absence of retroactive effect of this scheme, the need to come, years ago, had run largely into the Void”.

+++ 0.54 at: Council of Europe, Moscow is criticized for making homophobic statements +++

The Council of Europe Russia has complained of political and religious leaders, Gay and Lesbian bars and xenophobia feed. Homophobic and TRANS-gender hostile and racist hate speech is widespread among politicians and clergy far and stay unpunished, according to a report by the Anti-discrimination Committee of the Council of Europe (ECRI), which was released on Tuesday and findings from the years 2012 until mid-2018.

The experts criticise in the Text, also a Russian change in the law from the year 2013, which prohibits minors about “non-traditional sexual relations” to educate. This hinders support the work of groups, the lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and TRANS-gender people. The information had to be abolished prohibition, calls for the group. In addition, Moscow had to publish all the results of the investigations on the possible mass arrest and mistreatment of Homosexuals in Chechnya in the year 2017.