children in Germany have to make do with less pocket money than two years ago. The of a representative study commissioned by six journal publishers about the consumption behavior of adolescents, which was presented on Tuesday in Berlin.

notes for less consumption in children, the experts do not see. Instead, they assume that families take, increasingly, mobile phone contracts or digital purchases for each of your children. This, for example, movie downloads or computer could be games, such as Malte Riken out of the line of the time of publishing, says.

In the cut 20,52 Euro per month, children were given to the survey date in the spring of 2019. According to children’s media study of 2019, around four euros lower than two years ago. Specific reasons why children become less pocket money, not provide the study.

Eight out of ten children all of their Savings on lift according to the study, not for long – they give the money to the loved one again. You buy your preferred sweets, but also, for example, magazines. For the study, consumption and leisure preferences of children between the ages of 4 to 13 years were studied.

A large majority of the children looking in their leisure time, movies, and TV shows, Streaming offers on the Internet are becoming more and more interesting. Particularly the older children are able to draw platforms like Spotify or Youtube much. Often, the subscriptions of the parents are used. More than half of the 10 – to 13-Year-olds consumed streaming services several times per week. In comparison to the previous year, the consumption increased in all age groups.

Also in the communication with friends, children are increasingly digital, on-the-go: 70 percent of 6 – to 13-Year-old said, to write text messages. For 55 percent of the boys and girls Whatsapp, 13 percent of Instagram use. Important only the handle to the listener is the growing in the exchange with each other – well, nine out of ten children on the phone with your friends.

children have a variety of interests and find according to the study, a good Balance between the analog and the digital world. “Since children are better in it than you think,” says Riken. Every second child looks almost regularly Youtube or browsing the Internet activities with the family and Play outside but are still in high demand. Around eight out of ten children play in their spare time in the Outdoors, 89 percent meet several times a week with friends.

Client for the investigation, the publishing houses, Blue Ocean Entertainment, Egmont Ehapa Media, Gruner + Jahr, Panini Verlags GmbH, Spiegel-Verlag and by the time Verlag.

The third child of media study will offer insights into the reality of life around 7,31 million 4-to 13-year-old children in Germany. For a total of about 2500 Interviews with children and parents were conducted.

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