The number of relatives that were descendants of refugees to Germany, fell in the course of the past two years. So 17.322 people from the six main countries of origin of refugees were given according to the foreign office in the first quarter of 2017 is still a visa.

In the first quarter of this year, there were only 7402 people – although with Somalia, in the meantime, the seven main countries of origin were included in the statistics.

The development is all the more remarkable, as since August 2018, after more than two years of break, back to family reunification to refugees with limited protection status. It is often a Syrian civil war refugees. However, not are allowed to join in accordance with an agreement between the Union and the SPD, more than 1000 people per month.

The family reunification came to the refugees overall, the largest group of more than 5000 people, most recently from Syria, with a large distance followed by nationals from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia and Yemen. The Figures do not include according to the foreign office, exclusively members of refugees – it also, foreign spouses of German citizens may be among them. Family reunification may apply for spouse, minor children or parents of recognized asylum seekers as well as German, or the people who live here.

If you have not just the main countries of origin of refugees in the view, but all of the countries, it is clear that the family reunification of refugees, only a fraction of the total number. So 6966 to family members of recognised refugees have been granted worldwide in the first quarter 26.774 Visa for family reunification, of which, as from a statement by the foreign office to the Left party Deputy Ulla Jelpke shows.

“Of family reunification to recognized refugees is significantly lower than in the us, the Federal government always wanted to believe,” said Jelpke. “So much the worse that, on the basis of these false forecasts significant law made stricter and deep in the human right to family reunification has been interfered with.” The right to family life must finally apply fully for all vulnerable refugees.

Among the refugees, which make up members, according to the Geneva Convention, recognized refugees 3684 Visa, the largest group, followed by refugees with limited protection status (3231 Visa) and people with political asylum (51 Visa).

That, in spite of the within of the coalition agreed upper limit of 1000 visas for relatives of refugees with limited protection status came to Germany, is situated on the methodology: For the Federal government, the approvals by the involved Federal office of administration. The visas are then issued by the German embassies abroad. There is a time delay between the various stages in the procedure, it may be that in some months, more than 1000 visas will be granted.