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Legend of Awakening Episode 39 & 40 Release Date and Streaming Details

Legend of Awakening is an interesting Chinese series and it is getting a lot of appreciation from every corner of the world. With each passing episode, there will be a lot of twists and turns coming up. The show has been getting great ratings in China and getting good online viewership on various streaming websites. When the show is doing so well the makers are delighted and happy. In fact, they always plan to make the show interesting than before. We all are eager to see what will happen in the 39 and 40 episodes so we are just trying to bring you with all the latest updates we have. Let’s discuss the release and streaming details while some other important updates will also be discussed.


What is Legend of Awakening about?

The Legend of Awakening is set within the Kingdom era where you will see about ten kingdoms. There are five dynasties and the characters and background look very real and close to reality. Young Li Ping is the main character and the story revolves around him bringing a lot of revelations. He wants to get rid of the Shanhai Tower which he believes is deadly and wants to gain spiritual guidance. The series is about his journey and how he gets to achieve this much-needed guidance. He thinks he will soon gain a spiritual identity but that is only possible when he cuts down his closeness with the tower.

Lu Ping is now aware that there are around six souls which are moving near his soul. He hires a teacher who is there to guide him about all the possible guidance. You will be in love with the scene where he meets his lady love Qin for the very first time. Lu Ping has a vision of what happened in the past and what crimes were happening during a past life. He is now getting memories and wants to come face to face with reality. Arthur Chen is the lead actor of the drama and he has been getting a lot of praises from everyone. Cheng Xiao, Dylan Xiong and Ancy Deng are other actors in the show.

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When is Legend of Awakening 39 and 40 episode coming out?

The new episodes of the legend of Awakening are releasing on May 17th, 2020. New episodes are releasing two days in every week and you can get to catch up with the interesting twists and turns. The new episodes will be available on Rakuten Viki which is a good streaming website. The best thing is that all the episodes are available in the English Subtitles. The episodes are released in China first and it will be after a few hours when it will release for other international viewers.

The first season of the show will be having eight episodes and each season has been divided with eight episodes each. The show is very interesting and you will get to see something you haven’t seen before. Chinese shows are getting popular among people and if you have not tried this show yet you should do it soon. We have given you all the updates so it won’t be difficult for you to catch up with the latest episodes.

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