The contenders for the presidential nomination of the US Democrats, Bernie Sanders (77), has become a best selling millionaire.

The Senator released the tax returns that he and his wife, Jane Sanders arrived in the years 2016 and 2017 on a joint income of more than a Million dollars – after 240.622 dollars in the year 2015. Sanders’ book “Our Revolution” (“Our Revolution”) was published in November of 2016, shortly after the victory of the Republican Donald Trump in the presidential election.

Sanders – the democratic socialists called for a Rich and a tax on Speculation. During a discussion of trump’s in-house channel Fox News on Monday night, Sanders said the book “was a Bestseller that was sold everywhere in the world, and we have earned money. If anyone thinks that I should apologize for writing a Bestseller, then I’m sorry, I’m not going to do”. Sanders called on Trump to now also his tax returns.

The President refuses to release his tax returns. The Democrats in the house of representatives want to force Trump to do so. Sanders said the Fox presenters at the event in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, he’ll pay his taxes. “Why don’t you get Donald Trump in here and ask him how much tax he paid?” The Senator from Vermont then turned directly to Trump, who regularly watches Fox News. “Hey President Trump, my wife and I have just (released tax returns) for ten years,” said Sanders. “Please do the same.”

From the tax returns show that Sanders and his wife came last year on a taxable income in the amount of well-561.000 dollars. The independent Senator is a sharp critic of Trumps, he called on Monday evening, “a pathological liar” and “a dangerous President”.

Sanders belongs to the growing number of candidates for the presidential nomination of the Democrats for the election in November 2020. In polls, he is in second place behind the former Vice-President Joe Biden, who has not declared his application for the candidacy, however, yet to officially.

The “New York Times” reported that among the official candidates to the candidacy of the Democrats, Sanders’ve gathered so far, most donations: Sanders recorded accordingly 18.2 million US dollars, in the second place, Senator Kamala Harris is $ 12 million. Sanders can build, especially on small donors: of The newspaper, according to 84 percent of its funds come from donors who gave $ 200 or less. Sanders competed in 2016 in the primaries of US Democrats, but lost to Hillary Clinton.

For the candidacy of the Republican Trump got under the competition from the former Governor of the US state of Massachusetts, Bill Weld. Weld said on Monday in CNN that he would apply to the candidacy of his party. The 73-Year-old is the first Republican, the Trump challenge. Welds opportunities are likely to be bad: According to surveys by the opinion research Institute Gallup Trump enjoys among supporters of the Republicans for months, the consent values on the order of 90 percent.

Weld said, it would be a “political tragedy,” if Trump 2020 re-elected and four more years in office would remain. “I’d fear for the Republic.” Weld had attested to Trump in a recent Interview to the magazine “Rolling Stone” “malignant narcissism”. Weld had 2016 on the side of the presidential candidate of the tiny Libertarian party, Gary Johnson, the Vice presidential candidate. In February, the Weld had returned to the Republicans.