the Left party leader Dietmar Bartsch has accused the Federal government mistakes in dealing with the trust.

“Instead of errors at the trust to admit or not, there is the Federal government still Besserwessi-views of the post-reunification era,” said Bartsch of the German press Agency. The East Germans had a right, that the political failure of the post-reunification era will be worked up. “Until today, the East German economy suffers from the fiduciary deforestation.” The Treuhand had the economy a Central role in the transformation of the GDR planned economy to a market.

the Background of the Statements by Bartsch is a response of the Ministry of Finance to a parliamentary question. The Left wanted to know whether the government consider the order and the orientation of the work of the trust as a policy error of the post-reunification era and how many workers in East German enterprises, to the transformation of the faithful involved hand, lost to the knowledge of the government after 1989, their Job.

In the answer it is, how many of the four million in trust companies employees have lost their Job, is not statistically recorded. In the way of the privatisation, jobs are preserved and new Jobs have been created. At the termination of the activities of the trust at the end of 1994 a total of 1.5 million Jobs, the contract had been said in the privatisation process. These Commitments had been met in accordance with the result of the in the framework of the contract management Review.

as a result of its activity, the treuhandanstalt, the basis for the development of a market economy based on private enterprises in the Eastern länder. “The Federal government sees this as, in retrospect, a key element of the transformation process.”

Bartsch called the statements a “slap in the face” to many in East Germany. The loss of at least 2.5 million Jobs will be sold as a component of a good development – it was unbelievable. The SPD-led Ministry of Finance in the case of so many East German social Democrats in the back.

The Federal government refers in its reply to the challenges the trust had been enormous. “The combines and enterprises in the GDR were characterized for decades by a planned economy and state interference. Structures with inefficient production processes and high costs were developed, the production facilities were outdated and worn out.”

Prime Minister of Thuringia Bodo Ramelow (Left), but also SPD politician had called for a scientific reappraisal of the activities of the trust. Ramelow had said last August the “world on Sunday”, even today many East Germans had “the feeling that they were treated like second-class citizens. These emotions come from the time when the trust led the scepter.”