In the case of the digital heritage of a girl has obtained whose family, according to their lawyer, a penalty decision against Facebook. Lawyer Christian Pfaff, this amounts to 10,000 euros.

the parents of The 15-Year-old from Berlin had access to the Facebook account information of your daughter, which came out in 2012, in a subway station, died before the Federal court of justice (BGH) in Afghanistan. The decision of the Berlin regional court, the German press Agency, shows that Facebook haven’t released the digital heritage of the girl in a sufficient Form.

Facebook was not yet complied with the obligation to grant the parents “access to the full user account and the stored communication content,” the deceased’s daughter, said. The court itself was not expressed initially. From Facebook, it was, you check the decision and possible next steps. According to information from attorney Pfaff, the decision is not yet final.

Facebook is considered to be the Supreme court ruling responded: “We feel with the family. According to the decision of the Federal court, we have submitted to the family the information of the account of their deceased daughter, including all messages, photos and Posts,” said the network.

According to information from attorney Pfaff had contacted the parents again to the court, because you can only use a USB Stick was made with a 14,000 pages long pdf document. The parents wanted to access according to the Pfaff instead, on the Facebook profile of your daughter, in order to find evidence of whether the 15-Year-old committed may suicide.

Facebook said that the establishment of a “passive mode”, where you access content, but not communicate, was technically impossible. In the original, in the active mode, a Facebook profile sent, for example, also memories of friends.

The parents of the dead young people had complained for 2015 through the instances up to the Federal court of justice. This was made clear in July 2018 in a landmark ruling that digital content can also be inherited and the user must be made account of the girl for the parents to access.

Facebook had added to the active account of the teenager, according to the note from an unknown user about the death of the girl in a so-called memorial state. Also, the parents had no access to the original Facebook profile.