Jordan Kinyera was a lawyer out of Conviction. He was, since he was six years old, convinced that his family was treated unfairly. However, he wanted to do something. “I made the decision to become a lawyer later in life,” says Kinyera to the BBC, “but the decision is due to the circumstances, experiences, and Frustration, which had to know me and my family.”

< p > experience of many people in Uganda

The circumstances, experiences, and the Frustration of the Kinyera 33 to 50 percent of the land owners speaks through the life of a survey by the NGO Namati, in Uganda: they lose their land, for various reasons. According to Kinyera, a whole range of the Supreme court with the issues in dispute, the land property rights involved in the East African country.

at that Time, 23 years ago, was Kinyeras father of neighbors sued. The lawsuit is not a dispute about the plot in advance, the particulars of the conflict Kinyera. The case ended up in 1996 before a court, now has a fight on the official way – for over two decades. “My father was retired and had the means to fight back,” says Kinyera of the BBC. In it, he saw a little dehumanising. “That has inspired me the most.”

but He also says: “justice is denied adjourned justice.” Due to the unclear legal position of his father had implanted in 23 years not a single seed or block on the site. Until now: Kinyera has accepted the case and him on Monday for the benefit of his family. The Land belongs to now – and by the Supreme court of justice decided, that of his family. “My father is now 82 years old and not much more can start with the country,” says Kinyera. “It is now up to us, the children, to continue where he has stopped.”

source: BBC,