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SPD-Secretary-General Lars Klingbeil wants to develop visions of the future, his party will be more attractive again. What could this be, he explains in the Interview.

Zeit ONLINE: Mr Klingbeil, in recent polls, the SPD is at the Federal level with the AfD. How do you get as SPD Secretary-General of such Numbers?

Lars Klingbeil: That inspires me. I am firmly convinced that the SPD can be more attractive if it is clear and new ideas developed. The SPD is a lack of visibility and clear priorities. We need to change now.

Lars Klingbeil

since December last year, Secretary-General of the SPD. So far, the low axis assisted in the Bundestag, the Digital and defence policy.

TIME ONLINE: What are the new ideas could be?

Klingbeil: We deal mainly with the upcoming upheavals on the labour market. The digitisation will be lifted in the future, Jobs, careers, change, or completely new. At the same time, many people experience their work life as very stressful. You want more self-determination, a longing for a time out and the possibility of a new orientation to or to qualify. Many just want to get out for a long time. One way to address this Situation, may be, for example, the introduction of a basic income year.

Zeit ONLINE: What do you mean?

Klingbeil: A basic income for the year would give back to workers the time for things that do not create it besides working. With each year that you work, saves you a basic monthly income. So you could expose, after six years of work for half a year and after twelve years of work, a whole. In the model that I propose, would get the employees in this time, every month 1,000 Euro net. No taxes would have to be paid and the health insurance contributions would take over the state.

“Everyone decides for themselves what is he doing in the year.”

Lars Klingbeil, SPD Secretary-General

TIME ONLINE: you Can lie during the base income year, on top of the Sofa and look series?

Klingbeil: Everyone decides for himself, what is he doing in the year. But I am firmly convinced that most people would use the year to engage, for example, to volunteer or to do things you wanted to do. The whole of society would benefit. It is important that the basic income remains in the employment coupled. Who does not work, you could also take a sabbatical.

TIME ONLINE: So the reason that income year is, in principle, a Sabbatical.

Klingbeil: A Sabbatical leave must alone, savings of the workers by wages, the share of income of the year the state finances. In addition, there is the possibility of Sabbaticals, not all companies and businesses. The basic income of the year is a simple, unbureaucratic way to enable time-outs.

TIME ONLINE: Who do you want to help?

Klingbeil: in Principle, the basic income of the year can be used by all employees in different occupational groups and life situations. It would help, for example, people who work in social Professions. Also people from the creative sector would benefit. It is not a model for the Rich.

Zeit ONLINE: But of 1,000 euros a month you can live as a standalone. It’s not a deal for people who can draw on Savings?

Klingbeil: All earning good and their standard of living want to keep, can prepare for them and in addition money saving. The basic income of the year is financially, especially for people with low income interesting because of the distance to the previous wage is smaller than in the case of high-earners.

“The model would cost seven to nine billion euros per year.”

TIME ONLINE: they assume that only two to three percent of the workers would make per year. How did you arrive at that number?

Klingbeil: In Belgium it is a very similar model, in which part-time work and early retirement models are chosen. This offer is about three per cent of the workforce. A complete break even takes just under one per cent of the Beneficiaries. We therefore expect similar Numbers. That would cost seven to nine billion euros in the year. People who are on the verge of retirement, we would exclude from the model to avoid that the basic income of the year would be used as an early retirement model.