Due to an investigation of his record of the police of Frankfurt’s main train station has been closed on Friday afternoon for around an hour. Reason, a break-in at a savings Bank on the North side of the main railway station was, according to police information.

Several of the perpetrators were according to police sources, in a space with Value lockers penetrated, causing an Alarm. Because of the manhunt for them, and the railway was set. “We are working with many forces on the ground,” said the police Bureau on Twitter.

at about 16.30 hours, it was unlocked, police reported three arrests.

investigation for “severe downturn”

Counter-16.35 p.m. the police stated that it had come in a bench at the train station in Frankfurt to an in-between case. Officials tweeted that “people give in a bench at the train station in Frankfurt unauthorized access to lockers and Alarm” would be triggered. “On the run, there was a firing by the police,” said the officials. So far, three suspects have been arrested.

After a preliminary investigation, a spokesman for, the fact explained as a “severe intrusion” count. Whether the offender fled with the loot, was initially unclear. The police could not rule out in the early evening, even more, possibly armed criminals were on the run.

The perpetrators had fled in a black car, then on foot. In the prosecution of a policeman was at least a shot. To the arrested, the spokesman did not make any statements.

Apparently no injuries

A spokeswoman for the Federal police had reported during the operation on Friday, the perpetrators had fled to the Central station. Therefore, the train service had been discontinued. In which direction the perpetrators in each case fled and how, she could not say.

There had been no casualties within the Bank, police said on Twitter. The “present time” was also a “no information about the wounded outside the Bank,” it said.

The emergency call was received shortly after 15 o’clock.

police officers wrestled according to eyewitnesses, on the South side of the railway in lower court of a man and tied him up. Whether it was one of the wanted offenders, was initially unclear. Also, special forces were deployed.

The railway, said that there had been delays, diversions and cancellations. Against shortly after 16.30, the blocking could be lifted again. The rail traffic on the course again, shared the track on Twitter.

The railway said after the lifting of the lockout, it could come to delays and failures, until “everything” is sorted. This is also the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) said for the regional transport.

the Second major use of the railway station in Frankfurt within a few days,

Thus, the Frankfurt Central station is the second Time within a few days the scene of a major police operation. On Monday, a 40 had-Year-old mother and her eight-year-old son in front of a incoming train ends bumped. While the mother was able to save himself, was run over the Boy from the ICE and killed. In Switzerland living Eritrean, was arrested as the suspected perpetrator and sits in custody.

grief and horror to homicide

Frankfurt: The prosecutors knew about the alleged killers

the Situation in The train station itself was on Friday afternoon in a quiet, out of panic there was no trace. Via loudspeaker announcements, the passengers were informed that due to a police operation to delays. Also on the South side of the station building, police officers were to be seen. The transport of the long-distance Bus station, the use of initially had no effect.

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