it forms the heart with the hands and pull singing through the town: tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Milan against racism.

they gathered on the Central square in front of the Cathedral of Milan, to set a sign against the “politics of fear” and against discrimination. The Protest was not a “powerful political testimony, that Italy is the country that is currently being described,” said the mayor of the Northern Italian metropolis, Giuseppe Sala. Milan will send a Signal for a “different Italy”.

The councillor for social welfare, Pierfrancesco Majorino, spoke of 200,000 participants. Organized the Demo had several aid organizations and social associations. Also left-wing and social democratic politicians took part.

Italy is the star since last June by a coalition of Europe’s critical Five-movement, and xenophobia reigns of Lega.

The Demo-slogan “Prima le persone” (people first) was, of course, on the Slogan “Prima gli Italiani” (Italian first) of Lega-chief and Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini. Pursuing a hard line against migrants. So he gets great approval from the people, even if his populism is dividing the country.

“The politics of fear and the culture of discrimination are systematically used to sow hatred and to create first and second class citizens”, stated the organizers of the Milan Demo.

In the latest polls, Salvini’s Lega is around 35 per cent in the parliamentary election a year ago, the party had received around 17 percent. Among Salvini’s success of the coalition partners, the populist Five-star movement suffers. The slipped in the polls last up to 21 percent from 31 in the election a year ago.

The social-democratic party PD (Partito Democratico) has been trying for a long time, in vain, to get back on their feet. Today, the election of the new party leaders. Since the historic electoral defeat a year ago, the party of Ex-Prime Minister Matteo Renzi lost in internal infighting and unable to gather the left-oriented electorate.

As the favorite in the vote, the regional President of Lazio, Nicola Zingaretti. It is unclear whether the choice brings about the final result, or whether candidates in the runoff election.