tens of thousands of people have demonstrated in Rome against the course of the populist government. Several trade unions had called for the Protest on the Central square of Piazza San Giovanni on Saturday, calling for more equality, a right to work and against racism.

“The government must come out from the virtual reality and in the real world,” said the General Secretary of the trade Union Confederation Cisl, Annamaria Furlan.

Official Figures to the participants in the demonstration under the slogan “Futuro al Lavoro” (A future for the work) wasn’t there. Media reported that up to 200,000 people. “The country must not be divided, combined,” said the Secretary-General of the trade Union Confederation Cgil, Maurizio Landini.

The government’s populist Five-star movement and right-wing Lega since June last year in office, and polarized with an Anti-migration line, as well as their budgetary policies, and the rejection of European institutions.