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Large parts of London and great Britain of a power failure (20.04 hrs)survey: AfD strongest force in the state of Brandenburg (18: 43)to migrants in English channel discovered – in a kayak to England (17.13 PM), Two German hikers in the Alps claimed the lives of (12.42 PM)Mützenich want to permanently lead the SPD group (10.33 p.m.), USA, Germany threaten with a withdrawal of troops (4.34 PM)

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+++ 22.44 PM: boat collision in Greece – die for two people +++

at Least two people were killed in a collision, an inflatable boat with a wooden boat in Greece lost their lives. A woman floating in mortal danger, reported guard the state radio (ERT), citing the coast. The accident occurred off the coast of the tourist region of Port Heli, on the Peloponnese Peninsula. On Board of a powerful motor equipped Dinghy should have been British tourists.

+++ 21.30: police report: shooter at El Paso wanted to specifically Mexicans kill +++

The death contactors of El Paso wanted to kill in his attack in the border town of mainly Mexicans. It is one of several U.S. media published a report to the local police. Investigators had described the fact, already previously as a suspected racially motivated. The 21-year-old offender had opened in the city on the Mexican border last Saturday in a shopping Mall the fire. He killed 22 people, including eight Mexicans, and one German citizen.

The police report States that the shooter was at a crossroads, after he had left the shopping centre again. He is risen with your hands out of the vehicle, and I said out loud: “I am the shooter”. The shooter was the target of his attack were the “Mexicans,” the report said. The majority of the population of El Paso is Hispanic or Latino. The offender could face if convicted, according to Reports, the death penalty.

+++ 20.04 PM: Large parts of London and great Britain of a power outage affected +++

In London and Parts of the UK there has been large-scale power outages. The network operator UK Power Networks is informed, among other things, on Twitter. Also in the North of the country, in the Midlands and in Wales it came to power outages. The Association of British railway companies, National Rail said, a large number of train services to be affected, and also scoreboards are partially affected.

In different Parts of the country the traffic came to a Standstill. “Due to a power failure trains can be in the whole network, or of delays to be affected,” said the company, Thameslink, and trains in the Metropolitan area of London operates. The underground’s Victoria line was reportedly lame. The transport society, Transport for London urged motorists due to downed traffic lights for caution.

At the airport in Newcastle is to be expected, according to a report in the meantime, the lights. Newcastle Airport confirmed to be of the incident affected, assured via Twitter that the airport was “100 percent operational”. The two largest Airports of the country, London Heathrow and London Gatwick, were not affected according to the Reports. Also private households have not been spared. The regional network operator Northern Power Grid informed, in the North-East of England, 110 000 people were cut off temporarily from the mains.

+++ 18: 43: AfD according to the choice survey, the strongest force in the state of Brandenburg +++

Just three weeks before the parliamentary election, the AfD is according to a recent survey in the state of Brandenburg in the front. If at the beginning of August had been elected, had decided to 21 percent for the AfD, resulted in a on Friday published survey by the opinion research Institute Forsa for the “Märkische Allgemeine”. For the CDU 18 per cent of the respondents agreed, therefore, followed by the SPD with 17 percent. At rank four, the Greens with 16 per cent, and the Left landed at 14 percent. The FDP could hope for with 5 per cent, on the back in the diet. For the BVB/Free voters, 4 percent of the respondents decided.

Tervuren, Belgium

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a waste of time: Greta Thunberg does not want to meet with Trump


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intergovernmental panel on climate change calls for the conversion of eating habits and agriculture


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By dragnet: Police in Canada appears to have bodies of the murder suspect teenagers



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Hanoi, Vietnam

Sechsjähriger Boy suffocated in school bus investigation launched


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indignation in the United States: Police lead black Suspect in the sweater

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