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VW and Ford launch Alliance, electrical and robot cars (14.05 PM)

The summer continues to break – impermanent and not-too-hot (12.31 PM)

employment Agency Head dismisses Holsboer (11.07 PM)

R. Kelly because of suspected child pornography was re-arrested (10.03 PM)

a coalition of experts against health insurance payments for homeopathy (4.35 PM)

The News today in the star-Ticker:

+++ 14.59 PM: Schulze feels of opinion of the economy +++

the Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze (SPD) confirmed the proposals from the industry welcomes for CO2 pricing. “The new reports confirm me in the Central points: A socially fair price for CO2 is possible, if the state returns the money to the citizens,” said the Newspapers of the Funke media group. The result is that it is “not the panacea”, with the Germany, all of the climate goals be achieved, guaranteed, you, support, Schulze said.

The Minister urged to Act quickly. “The scientific findings are on the table. Now it’s time for good policy,” she said, the spark of Newspapers. “The CO2 price, we need to talk now about the “If”, we can now decide how we introduce him the best.” Her it depended on a strong climate protection effect and a socially fair design of the small and medium-sized incomes are not unfairly burdensome.

+++ 14.56 PM: SPD: commuters may not be punished in the case of CO2-price +++

If the Fuel is made for the climate protection more expensive, it must be from the point of view of the SPD special arrangements for commuters. “Anyone who must drive long distances to work by car, because there are no Alternatives, should not be punished for it,” said the acting party leader Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel. The SPD had the legitimate Concerns of the commuters in view. “We need to act in the interests of climate protection now,” he said.

Previously, had recommended that the “economy” of the Federal government to make the emissions of greenhouse gases in Heating and transport more expensive. In doing so, keep in the short term, a new emissions trading, as well as a CO2-tax for possible. It is important that the citizens would get the money in other ways, for example via a lump sum or a reduction of the electricity tax.

+++ 14: 46: prison for Ex-employees of the defence industry due to disclosure of a state secret +++

Because of the revealing parts of state secrets, the higher regional court (OLG) Düsseldorf has sentenced a 56-year-old Ex-employee of the defense industry to two and a half years in prison. A defendant, 60-year-old former German army pilot received a suspended sentence of one year and three months, as a court spokesman announced.

The OLG-the Senate saw it as proven that the 56-year-old former employee of a manufacturer of explosives, the time of the crime, also in the defence sector, Ex-had given pilots a classified detailed financial plan of the Federal Ministry of defense, concrete armor projects.

+++ 14: 41: Advertised climbing ban will lead to visitor increase at the Ayers Rock +++

An advertised climbing ban on the world-famous Ayers Rock in Australia, the tourist-related problems has exacerbated in the mountain just yet. The ban from October, reaching a dramatic increase in the number of visitors to the Uluru-Kata Tjuta national Park is causing, with a shared tourism companies in the Region. Natives of the Aborigines, who worship the mountain, had asked for the climbing ban on the in Australia Uluru-called monolith.

+++ 14.05 am: VW and Ford launch Alliance, electrical and robot cars +++

Volkswagen and Ford in the future want to bundle up even in the case of electric vehicles, and robot cars the forces. The announced the VW group boss Herbert Diess and Ford CEO Jim Hackett in New York. Under the extended Alliance, VW will invest billions in Ford’s daughter, Argo AI for self-driving cars. The Americans want to produce, in turn, hundreds of thousands of vehicles for the European market on the E-car platform MEB from VW.

Volkswagen will invest 2.6 billion Dollar (2.3 billion Euro) in Argo al, informed the company. The amount is a billion dollars of funds, in addition, VW brings its own division of AID for Autonomous Driving, the 200 employees and 1.6 billion will be assessed. AIDs headquarters in Munich will in future serve as the European Headquarters of Argo AI.

+++ 13.38 PM: arrest warrants against 17 Suspects after large-scale crackdown on marriages of convenience in the area of Leipzig +++

Following a major RAID by the Federal police against organised marriages of convenience, the Leipzig Prosecutor’s office issued arrest warrants for 17 Suspects has been obtained. Most of them are suspected according to the investigators information, to fraudulently obtain EU residence permits against the freedom of movement law. The alleged smugglers, and is one of the main accused, therefore, is a 52-year-old Pakistani.

The Indian, Pakistani and Nepalese nationals between 22 and 52 years, were married, especially after Cyprus entered the country, and there, with women from Eastern European EU countries to note. Then, the couples traveled to Germany to obtain a residence permit. This is also a fictitious work had been submitted to the part of contracts or lease agreements.

+++ 13.29 PM: China imposed sanctions against US companies for arms sales to Taiwan +++

Because of a multibillion-dollar U.S. arms transaction with Taiwan, announced that China sanctions against the involved US companies. The arms sales were “a serious violation of the” fundamental rules of international Law and international relations, said a spokesman for the Chinese foreign Ministry. The USA want to deliver, among other things, battle tanks and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to the island nation of Taiwan, the China as a renegade province, to view.

+++ 12.31 PM: The summer continues to break – impermanent and not-too-hot +++

the garden parties and barbecues this weekend only modest prospects: The summer is for the time being, take a break, and also the temperatures are according to the German weather service (DWD) only moderately warm. On Saturday, there are always showers and a brief Thunderstorm, announced the DWD meteorologists. The severe weather risk in comparison to Friday, but clear. The maximum temperatures on Saturday are expected to be at 17 to 25 degrees.

a Lot of clouds are likely to see on Sunday on sky. The rain hit, however, rather the southern half of Germany. The temperatures are between 17 degrees to the North sea and the Alps, and up to 26 degrees on the upper Rhine. With the start of the new week, the pressure is in the South, high-impact, with frequent sunshine. In the North, however, it remains to DWD information mostly cloudy with bright intervals and isolated showers. In the course of the week, the meteorologists expected to increase again with temperature. Stable summer weather, but once in sight, it was said: The thunderstorm tendency to take towards the end of the week.

+++ 12.09 PM: German airports are to launch in 2050 CO2 emissions +++

For more climate protection, the German airports of 2050 will emit no carbon dioxide (CO2) and more. This is the aim of the working group of German airports in Düsseldorf. Thus, a contribution should be made to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

At the same time, the airport operator objected to prohibitions and restrictions. “In addition to technical developments and savings, the increased use of renewable fuels,” it said in a statement. Ensure funding for technology is necessary, which converts electricity from Wind, solar, and biomass in fuel.

+++ 11.54 am: the EU is not participating for the time being of the Alliance for the protection of ships +++

The European Union will not participate for the time being, of the US-proposed coalition for the protection of merchant ships in the Persian Gulf. The United States had not stepped closer to the EU, said a high-ranking EU official in Brussels. Member States should individually decide about a possible participation.

The US Department of defense had previously announced plans for an international coalition for the protection of merchant ships to advance. You see, to organize military escorts for civilian ships. Background of the advance of mysterious sabotage attacks and other incidents in the Gulf region. The United States and countries such as the UK make Iran responsible, the leadership in Tehran denies this.

+++ 11.48 p.m.: Report: More new Syphilis than HIV-cases in Europe +++

The number of confirmed cases of Syphilis in Europe has in recent years greatly increased. Men aged 25 to 34 years were infected in relation to women and other age groups, most frequently with the sexually transmitted disease, according to a report by the European centre for disease prevention and control (ECDC) showed. This was especially true for men who have Sex with other men, and lived in urban areas.

For the report has looked at the ECDC, the European development of the mainly in men, occurring in Syphilis from 2007 to 2017. The annual number of confirmed cases rose accordingly, since 2010, to almost 70 percent to a Maximum of 33.189. This meant that for the first time since the beginning of the 2000s, more Syphilis confirmed as HIV cases in Europe, said the Stockholm-based centre.

+++ 11.39 am: water scarcity: a first supply train Chennai +++

Since more than a month, the Indian city of Chennai suffers from water scarcity – now, the first supply train has reached the million city in the South-East of the country. Of the 2.5 million litres of water-Laden train had arrived in the city, said a railway staff. The train with 50 wagons has taken me about five hours to the 217 kilometers of Jolarpet in the country’s interior to Chennai to go. The water comes, therefore, from the Mettur dam, one of the largest water reservoirs in the country. More supply trains will initially operate daily.

+++ 11.26 PM: the wage gap between East and West has reduced +++

The wage gap between East and West has reduced to a current study, easy The average gross wages of East German full-time employees increased from 81 percent of the Western level in 2017 to 84 percent in the past year, as the Eastern representative of the Federal government, Christian shepherd, published study shows.

+++ 11.07 PM: work Agency appoints Head Holsboer ab +++

The controversial top Manager of the Federal employment Agency (BA), Valerie Holsboer, must in advance, your Executive Board rooms position. A majority of the BA Board of Directors had decided their dismissal, was reported from circles of the Supervisory Board. The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Annelie colorful Bach, have justified the dismissal of the 42 – year-old top-financial-and HR Manager in order that, in view of the “broken trust” of the employer “is not a viable basis for the further work of the Board more given”.

According to information from the German press-Agency parts of the BA-Supervisory Board were with the work Holsboers dissatisfied. You do not have the necessary human modification of the Federal Agency, the required Tempo of the day. Supporters Holsboers doubt this. Background of the dismissal of a lawyer and a former chief Executive of the Federal Association of system gastronomy reservations are some of the “fresh Wind”, you’ve brought in the Federal Agency.

+++ 10.54 PM: Three out of ten young people faxes no longer know +++

Three out of ten young people have heard according to a survey never of Fax machines. In the representative survey commissioned by the digital Association Bitkom, 28 percent of respondents said they were between ten and 18 years of age, to be familiar with the devices. Of the Ten – to Eleven-year-old, 49 per cent knew this means that even with nothing to start.

more than 900 children and adolescents between six and 18 years were Interviewed for the survey. With 32 percent, roughly a third of the Ten knew – to 18-Year-olds, not a rotary phone, 38 per cent of films for cameras were unknown. Half didn’t know what to do with a Walkman, floppy disks, knew, however, 56 percent of respondents in the age class.

+++ 10.38 PM: “Exciting and dangerous”: Five injured in Stierhatz in Pamplona +++

When, as yet, the most turbulent of the bull run of this year’s “Sanfermines”Festival in the Northern Spanish city of Pamplona, five people were injured. A 57-Year-old from the Region was impaled by one of the fighting bulls on the thigh and had to be operated on, such as the Spanish television reported, citing the Doctors. A 28-Year-old had suffered a thoracic trauma, it was out of the hospital. How severe his injury was on the chest, still needed to be tested. Another 59-year-old Spaniard suffered an injury to the meniscus.

commentators in Spain said that the sixth Stierhatz was the “most exciting and most dangerous” of the season in 2019. Several bulls jumped on the 875-metre-long track in the Arena, numerous runners went to the ground. In addition, the Drive was two minutes and 18 seconds extremely fast.

+++ 10.30 PM: Ten people die while Crossing a river in Russia +++

Ten people are in Russia while trying to cross a river in a SUV, were killed. The bodies were discovered in the vehicle in the river Shuj in the Republic of Tuva, shared with the authorities. The Republic is located in the South of Siberia. Among the dead were six children and four adults, said Republic chief Scholban Kara-Ool in the capital city of Kyzyl. He spoke of a tragedy. The two families from the Region are said to have been on the way in the vacation to the local healing springs. The vehicle was believed to have been of the strong currents in the river after heavy rains swept away, it said.

+++ 10.06 PM: 39 species of sharks and rays in the Mediterranean sea threatens +++

more Than half of all shark and ray species in the Mediterranean protection organization is threatened, according to the animal WWF. A third is already “up to the edge of extinction fished”, – stated in the published WWF report. “The alarming state of these predators will send a clear signal that the health of the Mediterranean, is disappearing altogether”. Overfishing is the greatest threat to sharks and rays in the Mediterranean sea. Are threatened according to the WWF, 23 shark and 16 species of rays. Plastic waste is a more for sharks under threat, such as a just-released study showing estimated. The WWF better Management and regulation of shark fisheries is called for, especially the implementation of existing protection measures.

+++ 10.02 PM: delivery of controversial Russian missile defense for Turkey begins +++

The first deliveries of the controversial Russian missile defense systems S-400 to Turkey are on the go. The Turkish defense Ministry confirmed on Friday in Ankara.

+++ 09.47 PM: Destatis: Every second Person uses Internet for public authorities +++

For the contact with authorities and public institutions, half of the people in Germany are now using the Internet. Ten years ago, this percentage was 39 percentage, reported by the Federal Statistical office (Destatis). Especially for the General search for information, the Websites and Apps of the authorities were, therefore, used (49 percent). In contrast, only 30 percent of forms are invited online, and only 16 per cent sent filled-in forms over the network back. As reasons determined Destatis not only safety concerns, but also the simple Lack of such offers.

+++ 09.47 PM: R. Kelly because of suspected child pornography again +++

The US singer R. Kelly arrested has been arrested on suspicion of child pornography and other Offences again. As the newspaper “New York Times” reported, arrest, the US Federal police, the 52-year-old R&B Star in Chicago. Overall, the public Prosecutor’s office to Kelly, therefore, raises a further 13 Offences, including seduction of a Minor and obstruction of Justice.