In the East of Syria have begun to troops under Kurdish leadership, according to their own information to the final assault on the last Bastion of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS).

The fighting had begun, said the spokesman of the Syrian Democratic forces, Mustafa Bali, on Sunday evening, the German press Agency. According to him, is not to be expected that in the place Baghus remaining extremists. The deadline for the IS expired. On Twitter Bali reported that Jets of the international Anti-IS coalition fly away attacks on arms depots of the terrorists.

The last IS fighters trapped in the town on the Iraqi border in a tent camp in a confined space. The SDF had set up the attacks last, so that civilians Baghus can rely on. Bali, tens of thousands of out of the place fled. Thousands of terrorists of different nationalities would result, he explained. In the hands of the Kurds, German IS-fighters and their family members.

The IS had reached the height of its Power in the summer of 2014, when he controlled large parts of Syria and Iraq. In the meantime, he has lost his former dominion almost completely. The largest part of their territories in Syria have been conquered by the SDF.

cells of the jihadists in both countries are more active. Again and again it comes to attacks of the jihadists. Many of them are in the desert areas of the two countries submerged. Observers warn, IS not yet defeated.

the National security Advisor of the United States, John Bolton, said on Sunday that the IS had lost virtually 100 percent of its conquered territory to stay, but as a terrorist organization more dangerous. “We now know that there are still scattered IS fighters in Iraq and Syria and that the IS is growing in other Parts of the world,” said Bolton, the US channel ABC. “The threat of the IS is to stay.”

US President, Donald Trump had claimed at the end of February that IS-the area was “100 percent” recaptured and the danger averted. He is pursuing the goal of the U.S. troops in the country as soon as possible, to be deducted.