The popularity values of the new CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer broke the ZDF”political barometer”. From the scale of the ten most popular politicians, it fell out, therefore, resulted in the today published survey of the research group of elections.

On the scale of the popularity of plus 5 to minus 5, they came to only 0.7 after they had located two weeks ago at 1.4. The representative survey was collected according to Kramp cart Builder, a lot of kritisiertem almost night joke in which she had made Extra toilets for inter-sexual and toilet habits of men funny.

The ability for the chancellorship will be discussed Kramp-karrenbauer, the majority of. 51 per cent of the 1290 respondents do not consider appropriate, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to follow in the government office, revealed the “political barometer”. Only a third (34 per cent) to trust her in this office. Even by the CDU/CSU followers, only just over half (53 per cent) not confident that you can Chancellor, for 38 percent, she brings this quality.

Also in terms of Kramp cart Builder prospects, to lead her party successfully in the future, are therefore, overall, more people are skeptical than confident: 41% of all respondents do not expect the, 44 percent see the.