On Saturday it was taken Stephan E. in his house in Kassel, festival and sitting since Sunday, in custody. The 45-Year-old is said to have killed the Kassel government President Walter Lübcke, according to the office of the attorney General “insidious by a shot to the head” (the star reported). The arrest was made on the basis of a DNA match in the search for the alleged perpetrators. Lübcke was in the night of the 2. June, dead on the terrace of his home in the North Hessian wolf-Hagen-Istha been found.

What about the case Lübcke is known and what is not, can be read here.

E. the authorities since the end of the 80s, as a right-wing extremist known. The 45-Year-old has an extensive criminal record. An Overview:

the case of Walter Lübcke: the criminal act of the suspects

knife attack on foreigners: In November of 1992, to handle E. on the toilet in the main station in Wiesbaden is a foreign man. The defendant felt the victim “sexually harassed,” said a spokesman for the Wiesbaden Prosecutor’s office of the news Agency AFP. E. stabbed his victim multiple times in the back and in the chest. The man was seriously injured but survived.

Attempted pipe bomb attack: a Little more than a year later, a failed assassination attempt was followed by On 23. In December 1993, wanted to commit the then 20-Year-old stuck in a bomb attack on an asylum accommodation in the Hessian town of Hohenstein-Roth. The inhabitants of the Container discovered in a burning car and were able to delete it before the fire Department arrived. In the back seat, the police found a pipe bomb. E. was arrested on the same evening.

not Politically organized: Already at that time e. the police was due to “a number of other criminal offences with a racist Background are known”, said the Berlin-based “tageszeitung” at the time. Therefore he gave, in a first interrogation by the police after the assassination attempt, to have acted alone. “He was declared to be not politically organized,” the newspaper reported.

fellow prisoner attacked: In the prison, in the E. a short time later in custody was sitting, he was of the other inmates, and insulted, threatened, said the spokesman for the Wiesbaden Prosecutor’s office told AFP. In January 1994, E. on made, therefore, a weapon made of Parts of a chair and a coat hanger and attacked a fellow prisoner. The man was injured. Because of the attack on the station, of the stop trial and the violation of the Mithäftlings E. was born on 12. June 1995, sentenced by the regional court of Wiesbaden six years in juvenile detention without parole.

riots in Dortmund: In the following years, it was to E. quiet – until 2009, he was again in the focus of the judiciary. On 1. In may, he was involved in riots in Dortmund, in which around 400 neo-Nazis attacked a rally of the German trade Union Confederation. In April 2010, E. by the district court of Dortmund, among others, for trespassing and attempted dangerous bodily injury was sentenced to seven months in prison on probation.

according to media reports, he is said to have contacts with the right-wing extremist group Combat 18 had. It is also to be a member of a club in the district of Kassel have been protect, but without to have access to firearms. Since 2009, e. was, however, a right-wing extremist noticeable, – said the President of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution, Thomas Haldenwang, on Tuesday.