What should’be for the young – a small Schnitzel with French fries, fish sticks, or Spaghetti? For children there are in Restaurants, often not only smaller portions, but also not particularly healthy dishes.

food Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) sees this as a Problem and has been invited for Tuesday (13.00) experts and catering representatives to chances of a healthier choice for the young restaurant to explore the guests. In Germany, 15 percent of children are valid according to the Ministry of Food as overweight or obese.

With the authors of a study from the University of Heidelberg on the subject, the German society for nutrition (DGE), the Hotel and restaurant Association Dehoga and the Max-Rubner-Institute (MRI) for nutritional research.

The Heidelberg study, had initiated the debate on the children’s meals in restaurants at the beginning of February. Around four out of five investigated food be from a nutritional point of view, bad for the body, said at the time, Sven Schneider, who had a rating with other researchers, 1877 children of the dishes on the dining cards. Most contained too much fat and calories, low in nutrients and often red meat, he said at the time of the “Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper”. 54 percent of the surveyed food included French fries, whole-grain products were not a single Time.

Klöckner subsequently announced, to meet with representatives from pubs and Restaurants to talk about the parents important topic. It will be interesting to see whether and what the experts, the caterers and the Minister want to some. The Hotel and restaurant Association Dehoga is signaled in advance that he think of the criticism of nothing. The results of a study according to which the majority of children’s meals in restaurants is unhealthy, it is not possible to understand, informed the Association on request.

“Ultimately, the decision about what is eaten and the responsibility for a balanced diet in the hands of the parents,” it said. The provision of food for children go far beyond the children’s menu. So it is in many Restaurants is possible that children could for example, order from the regular menu is half the Portion. Also to be taken into account that there are many children at home, no fries – and these would then be ordered, exceptionally, even in Restaurants.


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