former US Vice-President and potential Challenger to President Donald Trump in the election of 2020, Joe Biden, is said to have kissed a party colleague without permission on the back of the head. The allegations of Lucy Flores come just at a time, to meet the Biden, a decision about a possible presidential candidacy. In the polls he is well ahead of his democratic party colleagues, and also clearly ahead of the incumbent, Trump.

U.S. presidential election, 2020

U.S. Democrats: It apply to countless women, but in surveys two white men

Niels Kruse

Flores had stated in a Newspaper article, Biden was approached at one of their campaign appearances in the framework of the candidacy for the office of the Vice-Governor in Nevada in 2014, from the rear, smell her hair and give her a kiss on the back of the head.

“touched Why me, the Vice President of the United States?”

In a post in the “New York Magazine” describes Flores as they has the encounter with the former Vice-President felt: “As I prepared for my appearance, I felt suddenly two hands on my shoulder. I froze. ‘Why does it affect me to the Vice-President of the United States?'”, writes Flores. Then it came to her a long kiss on the back of your head. Flores: “My mind could not process what was happening. I was upset. I was shocked. I was a mess.”

Biden said Sunday in a Statement to the allegations. He had never acted in Faith, to do anything Inappropriate. “In my many years in the election campaign and in public life, I have exchanged countless handshakes, hugs, sympathy expressions, support and comfort. Not once, never, I would have thought, to act inappropriately,” reads the opinion.

He’ll listen respectfully, let Biden know – even if he might have a different memory of it, or surprised of what he heard. Flores stated that it had not been illegal, what did Biden. But she wanted to make on the behavior of the former Vice President’s attention.

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