Every worker should be able to take according to the will of Left-Boss Katja Kipping up to two years in the professional life of paid time off.

Such legally guaranteed and tax-financed Sabbaticals to be in the accelerating world of work is urgently needed to refuel and stress-related illnesses, says one of the “Rheinische Post” this paper Kipping for the next Federal Board meeting of the Left on 6. April. Many Workers wanted urgently in a time-out, without having to Worry about how you’ll be financially stressed Kipping in it. So far, the could afford to pay for but only a Privileged few.

Kipping suggests, according to the newspaper, the possibility of a tax-financed and social-safe break of three to twelve months before, the employees shall have the right, twice in her profession, a sabbatical life to take year – in the case of a guaranteed right to return to the same or an equivalent job. In analogy to the parents of money should be paid according to Kipping, 65 percent of last net monthly salary, depending on income, to a maximum of 1800 euros and 1050 euros in the month. The carrier of the Sabbatical could be a Department of “training and leisure” at the Federal Agency for work.

Kipping is linked to a proposal it had made in October 2012 and subsequently renewed. A few days ago it was reported that the number of sick days due to mental health problems within ten years, at least 107 million in the year 2017 has doubled. In 2018, the health insurance company DAK health had registered, however, a decline in the days that were missing their employed Insured persons due to mental disorders, to 5.6 percent.