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King Arthur: Knight’s Tale To Launch In February

NeocoreGames has revealed that they will be releasing King Arthur: Knight’s Tale for PC via Steam. The game will come out in February so the fans can look forward to the game. The developers will be giving Early Access to the players as regular updates will be coming in. Here is all you need to know about the upcoming game.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Release Date

NeocoreGames has a planned release date for the video game. King Arthur: Knight’s Tale will be released on February 15th, 2022.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Gameplay

This game will feature Sir Mordred and the players will be taking on the role of Sir Mordred. The game has a backdrop of King Arthur and the former black knight of the grim tales. After you both die in an epic battle, The Lady of the Lake has brought you back to life and this will end a true nightmare.

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King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Trailer

You can check out the latest trailer of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale and can witness the tactical RPG highlights in the trailer.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Features

  • Experience a unique hybrid in the new video game. The traditional, character-centric RPGs will be surprising the players. This dark fantasy version of Arthurian mythology will allow you to manage a team of heroes on the dangerous battlefield
  • Explore a land of nightmares and fight with monsters and magical creatures that are lurking around castles and forests. The battle between Arthur and Mordred will lead the consequences to unfold.
  • You will Gather your knights and send them on quests. These quests will be involving deep, tactical battles! The players will assemble a team of heroes, and select six classes (Defender, Champion, Marksman, Vanguard, Arcanist, Sage). You will gain unique skill points and will be equipped with items looted from missions.
  • Heroes are your main resources and all of them will have their own distinct personalities, goals. They will settle disputes, grant favors, and will be selecting heroes who will be working together. You can send them on missions that they will be comfortable with. The heroes can even leave and turn against you so make sure to handle them with care. You, as a king, will have to take wide actions and choose moral choices.
  • Every small decision matters so you will have to make moral choices to win the battles. The actions taken will allow you to enjoy turn-based combat as well. The campaign will be unfolding with a roguelike twist.
  • The thrill of dealing with the consequences and decisions also affects the story. Each level will unfold differently and will open up unexpected ways for you. Play through the campaign and unlock the endgame. The new features will only be reserved for the bravest. Tough new challenges will be appearing on the map. The players will have to deal with mythic boss fights, random quests, more loot, and character progression.
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