a legal dispute about an extradition of a German Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom to the United States, The year-long this Monday in the probably decisive Phase.

Before the new Zealand Supreme court in Wellington will begin an appeal process, with the 45-Year-old wants to prevent his extradition yet. The founder of the Internet platform Megaupload lives since 2010 in new Zealand. The USA want to bring him to court for copyright infringement and money laundering on a large scale. In the case of a conviction, decades in prison to him.

Dotcom is one of the most intriguing figures in the Internet scene. He was born in 1974 under the name Kim Schmitz in Kiel. In the mid-80s, he first appeared in the Hacker scene in appearance. With the data exchange Megaupload he was many times a millionaire. The company is funded by advertising and a paid access for subscribers. At times, the page was one of the most popular websites in the world. After investigation by the U.S. Federal police FBI has been switched off in 2012.