Kayla has lived her life never freedom. The orca lady was born in 1988 in captivity – and now, at the age of 30 years in captivity died. On Monday, at about 12.15 PM (local time) you died at the Seaworld theme Park in Orlando (U.S. state of Florida), the “entire Seaworld family is deeply saddened by the loss,” the company said in a Statement. In addition, the British BBC and the American broadcaster CNN reports, among others.

The exact cause of death will now be an investigation “could last several weeks.” Kayla had no health problems, however, on Saturday – two days before her death – the first worrying signs. As a consequence, have worsened her condition increasingly, Seaworld. During this Phase, the animal would have taken care of doctors and specialists to Kayla. In vain.

orcas have a life span of about 30 up to 90 years. Animal rights activists criticise the fact that those in captivity, however, have a significantly shortened life span.

Seaworld again and again in criticism

Seaworld come under three theme parks in the United States with a total of 20 killer Whales, the company said in the Statement. After Kayla’s death, it should be on-site in Orlando for five orcas, three male and two female.

Seaworld is always advised in criticism, especially after the release of the CNN documentary “Blackfish” in 2013. The report denounced, among other things, Seaworlds captivity practices of their whales, and suggested that Seaworld Trainer during the Live Shows to unnecessary dangers. In March of 2016, Seaworld decided under growing criticism from the Public, the Wal-breeding program, as well as the Live Shows with the animals.

Kayle was born according to the BBC, in 1988, in captivity, before she was transferred to the Seaworld theme Park in Ohio. This castle in the year 1991. Then she was brought back to her birthplace in San Antonio, where she was born in 2005, a calf. A year later, she moved to Orlando, after they have rejected your calf. The calf died in 2008 at the age of two years.

animal rights activists of Peta want to stop in the course of the week, two vigils in front of the Seaworld Orlando, on the other whales in the Park.

sources: BBC, CNN