26 years after the murder of a 25-year-old elementary school teacher, a court in Lancaster in the US has condemned the state of Pennsylvania the offender to life imprisonment. The competent Prosecutor’s office informed.

the investigators were able to come today, 50 Years so long after the fact, still on the ropes, thanks to the curiosity of his half-sister, as several US media (including ABC, “New York Post”).

The crime occurred in December 1992. The teacher was attacked in her apartment, beaten, raped, and strangled to death. A brutal fact. The only trace of his time: A white Toyota, a witness in the vicinity had seen.

But this helped the investigators were not, they could not convict the now Convicted more than two decades. He lived unmolested and appeared among other things as a DJ. “We have to give up the case, never,” said an investigator, according to the US broadcaster Fox News, because after all, in 1992, DNA were recovered traces of the murderer at the crime scene.

The Prosecutor’s office gave the Material, least of all to a private genealogical research Institute – a kind of the last straw for the investigators matched. And in contrast to the police computer there was a match, too. The reason for this is The half-sister of the offender had sent their DNA to the company, to learn more about your ancestors and their origin. Officials came to the killer of the teacher, who lived also in 1992, in the vicinity of their apartment. Last may, the 50-Year-old was arrested.

26-years after the cruel his life in freedom is over fact now: On Tuesday, he confessed to the crime before the court. “Why? Why must we sit here?” the brother of the victim asked the defendant, according to the attorney businessin the courtroom. But an answer he got.

+++ In a similar manner, the police explained last year, the acts of the “Golden State killer”. Here you can read more on the case +++

sources: ABC, “New York Post”, Fox News, notification of the public Prosecutor’s office


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