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a child on the road – a 75-Year-old arrested (16: 47)investigations against Gauland because of the tax thing (15.10)More Supplement and free school Lunches for millions of children (14.12)state Prosecutor: perpetrators of Utrecht acted alone and with Terror-motive (11.56 a.m.)men due to production of child porn in Würzburg (9.55 PM)

The News of the day in the star-Ticker:

+++ 23.45 PM: Confirmed: EU Brexit-postponement to 22. May – if in-house contract approves +++

The European Union gives the United Kingdom a shift in the Brexits to 22. In may, when the British agreed to the house next week out of the EU Treaty. The Parliament should not do this, the extension only up to 12. April. In the case of the UK to say up to this date, how to go on. This is evident from the decision of the 27 remaining countries in the EU.

+++ 23.20 PM: EU offers London, probably the two options for short-Brexit-shift +++

The European Union is to the UK, according to diplomats expected to be a shift in the Brexits to 22. May have to offer. The British house of Commons out of the EU Treaty should not agree to that, should the UK up to 12. April say, how to go on. This is the German press Agency learned on Thursday evening from multiple sources.

+++ 23 p.m.: British army is directed to use the center for the case of a hard Brexit a +++

in the face of an imminent hard Brexit, the British army sees itself as at least well prepared: The Ministry of defence have set up for the case of an EU exit of the UK without an agreement to use the centre in a nuclear bomb-proof Bunker in the centre of London, said a Ministry spokesman, the news Agency AFP. There, the necessary infrastructure and “a Team that is ready to support any measure, if you need to.” In December, the defence had informed the Ministry that 3500 soldiers would be deployed to support the government in the case of a disordered Brexit in the event of unforeseen developments. This quota is now “in readiness,” said the Ministry spokesman.

+++ 22.14 PM: aerosol can explodes in the apartment – Passant + injured++

By the Explosion of a spray can in an apartment in Hanover, a Passer-by was injured. He was injured shards of flying glass, such as the fire and rescue services. The accident happened on Thursday afternoon in a multi-family house. The spray can exploded in the bathroom – why, remained unclear. The shards of glass flew reported to be up to 15 meters wide on the road. The tenant was to the misfortune of all the people in the apartment. The rescuers brought the other inhabitants of the house before they gained access to the fire apartment on the second floor and the flame was extinguished. The rooms are now habitable. The damage is estimated at 5000 Euro.

+++ 21.45 PM: Trump wants to be a means for universities to protect the freedom of speech make +++

S-President Donald Trump the freedom of speech at universities in danger and wants to move universities by means of financial leverage to more protection of freedom of expression. Trump signed at the White house in Washington, a decree, according to which the allocation of Federal funds should be established for universities in the future, more the fact that these universities freedom of speech on your site. “Universities that want to tax money, should encourage the free expression of opinion, rather than switching them off,” said Trump at the signing of the decree. How, exactly, the Whole thing should work in practice remained unclear. In a press interview to the new addition on Thursday, a government employee several questions to Details unanswered.

+++ 21.30: horses fall into a manure pit rescue with crane +++

From a manure pit in the Münsterland has saved the fire Department two horses. The fallen animals were not able to leave the pit in Dülmen again on our own, such as the fire and rescue services. On a photo to see how you are deep in the manure – your legs are no longer visible. With the help of a crane able to use forces to liberate the animals from their predicament. A vet had looked after during the rescue operation of the two horses – how, exactly, said a fire Department spokesman. The animals were handed over to their owners. “These were visibly relieved,” it said.

+++ 21 o’clock: Four foreign deployment of the Bundeswehr for a year +++

extended The Bundeswehr is another year in Afghanistan, in the Mediterranean sea, as well as in South Sudan and in Darfur. The Bundestag voted by a majority to renew the terms of office for the four missions abroad. The largest of these missions, the Nato-led “Resolute Support”mission in Afghanistan. There, the Bundeswehr is engaged as the second-largest number of troops behind the United States with up to 1300 soldiers. The Mission focused on training and advising Afghan security forces.

+++ 19.55: the threat of dam failure in Malawi, after heavy rains +++

In the South of Malawi threatened as a result of the cyclone “Idai” to break a small dam, which is located directly above a city with around 90,000 inhabitants. Persistent rains had weakened a wall of the Chagwa dam critical, said the government. The residents of the city of Zomba should therefore be “especially vigilant, and emergency plans for rapid evacuation and develop,” said the interior Ministry. The dam has an area of about three acres.

+++ 19.24 PM: France’s constitutional court allowed the age tests in the case of refugees +++

The French constitutional court has declared x-ray examinations to determine the age of young refugees. Such an examination of the bones should not only be performed, if the fugitive had valid identification papers and the claimed age is not likely, said the court. It is also noted that a bone investigation could have a “significant error rate”. It is important, however, that minors who spend time in France, to enjoy their age-appropriate legal protection, and not unjustly treated as adults. Only a judicial authority, a bone of the inquiry.

+++ 18.46 PM: Netanyahu praises trump’s Statement on the Status of the Golan heights +++

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has welcomed Statements by the US President Donald Trump to the Status of the Golan heights. Trump said that the United States recognize the sovereignty of Israel since 1967, the occupied Golan heights. “At a time, in the Iran wants to use Syria as a platform for the destruction of Israel, accepts President Trump brave of Israel sovereignty over the Golan heights,” wrote Netanyahu on Twitter. “Thank You, President Trump!”

+++ 18.04 PM: Trump for recognition of the sovereignty of Israel over Golan heights +++

US President Donald Trump has advocated that the United States recognize the sovereignty of Israel since 1967, the occupied Golan heights. After 52 years, it was for the United States at the time, wrote Trump on Twitter, prior to a planned visit of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu next week in Washington.

+++ 17: 55: 20 million dollars of counterfeit money in the locker in Kenya +++

In the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, the police found in a locker of a Bank 20 million dollars in counterfeit money found. The 100-Dollar Bills were in a branch of Barclays Bank in Nairobi, the police announced. This tweeted a photo of a chock-a-block with money bundles-filled chest. The owner of the locker, two Bank employees and three other Suspects, have been taken, therefore, in connection with the incident. Four of them appeared on Thursday before the court. What the money was meant to be, not informed the police first of all. She said that an eye witness had been interviewed.

+++ 17.02 PM: Facebook is free-to-air Save and secure passwords on their own servers to have been +++

passwords of millions of Facebook users are employees of the Online network in clear text accessible. “We expect that we will notify hundreds of millions of users of Facebook Lite, tens of millions of other Facebook users, as well as tens of thousands of Instagram users,” the company said. Facebook have no evidence that someone internally handles abusive to it’s name. The passwords were also not for anyone outside of the company.

The affected users should, nevertheless, “as a precaution” to be notified, although there is no indication of a misuse of the data. The passwords would actually have to be internally unrecognizable. The error was noticed during a Routine audit in January. He had now been fixed – Facebook did not indicate when exactly.

+++ at 16: 47: kid on road 75, and stabbed – -Year-old +++

A seven-year-old Boy has been stabbed to death on the way home from school in the Swiss border city of Basel. As the alleged perpetrator, a 75-year-old female presented according to the Prosecutor. You have attacked the child, she said. The woman was arrested, the public Prosecutor’s office Basel, new York. The hearing continues in the afternoon, a spokesman said. Could the motive the Swiss still make the police no information. Also was initially unclear whether the woman knew the Small.

The Boy was, according to the investigators, at about 12.30 p.m. on the way home, as he was stabbed on the street suddenly. A teacher had found the badly injured child, and the ambulance was alerted. The Boy had emergency surgery in the hospital, but a little later of his injuries died. The police searched the afternoon, according to witnesses of the fact.

+++ 1643: at Least 71 Dead in ferry accident in the North of Iraq +++

In a ferry accident in Northern Iraq came after new details of the authorities at least 71 people were killed. The accident occurred on the river Tigris in the Northern Iraq city of Mosul in the large. On the overloaded ship families, who wanted to translate during the Newroz celebrations, is a popular picnic place were, as a representative of the interior Ministry announced previously.

+++ 16.40 PM: man shoots Tiger in Russia after attack +++

After an attack by a Tiger and a man in the vicinity of Khabarovsk has shot in the far East of Russia, the animal. The Amur tiger is a strictly protected species – have in the first instance, a cow in the village of Golden, told authorities. When you try to drive the Tiger out of the cow barn, had been attacked the farmer himself. He could, however, bring in security to pick up the gun and then shoot.

Because of Tiger of the Amur region on the border with China, poachers are sought after for their fur, their teeth and other parts of the body, attracts every case of death investigations. According to the authorities, the teeth were absent in the animal. The carcass with the head shot had been confiscated for further investigation. Experts suspected that the Tiger of old was weak and sick. He penetrated probably in search of food in the yard.

+++ 16.28 PM: Syrians to seven years for membership in a terrorist Association + +

sentenced + to The higher regional court of Munich has a man for being the ringleader of a terrorist group to seven years in prison. The 33-Year-old after the end of the prison also three years under the supervision, as the court announced. Accordingly, Zoher J. the end of 2012, had established a combat unit in Aleppo, and this over several months.

In the unit were, according to the court, to a terrorist Association, which fought for the establishment of a God-state under the Sharia. In favor of the accused Syrian, the judges evaluated the “desperate humanitarian Situation in Syria,” and the fact that the deed was already a few years back. The verdict can still be appealed. J. was taken in April of 2017, in lower Bavaria.

+++ 16.23 PM: After a homicide on the island of Usedom – police: no suspect +++

After the killing of a young woman in Zinnowitz on the island of Usedom (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) has continued to search the police on their trail. Again, it was used in the morning, a dog. Riot police had combed systematically the environment of the house, in which the 18-year-old victim lived.

The killed woman had a large circle of friends and many contacts in social media, which is why the contact with the well-Known endure, it said. A suspect the police have the murder weapon had not yet been found.

“of Each note can useful found to be”

18-Year-old on the island of Usedom, found dead in apartment – police are hoping witnesses

After the violent death of an 18-Year-olds, the consternation is on the Baltic sea island of Usedom. Around 60 police officers to determine at full speed and hope to come to the perpetrator with the help of Clues from the population on the track.

DPA +++ 15.45: media: Ex-President Temer arrested in Brazil +++

In Brazil, the former President Michel Temer to be arrested. As BrazilMozambican media reported that the arrest in Sao Paulo. Against the conservative politician who made the end of 2018 after two and a half years at the helm of Brazil office, is determined due to various corruption scandals.

+++ 15.25: Suspected bomb makers from the upper Palatinate in Mallorca taken +++

The Spanish police have caught a suspected bomb makers from the upper Palatinate, on the Balearic island of Mallorca. The 28-Year-old should be extradited to Germany, a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office Amberg said. The man is suspected, in front of about four weeks to have on a construction site in burglengenfeld in the circle of the Swan village, a pipe bomb dropped. The arrest took place on Monday, it said. The Suspect was wanted for violations of the explosives act and firearms law with a European arrest warrant. Previously, the “Mallorca Magazin had reported” about the arrest.

+++ 15.16 PM: More than 40 killed in ferry accident in the North of Iraq +++

In a ferry accident near the Northern Iraqi city of Mosul and more than 40 people drowned. Among the Victims were women and children, to be the Director of the civil protection of the province of Ninawa, Hussam Khalil, said on Thursday. According to him, the twelve Survivors from the river were saved from the Tigris. Images in social media showed people who were swept away in the strong current of the river. The cause of the disaster was initially unclear.

The former million city of Mosul had been overrun in the summer of 2014 by the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS). Iraqi troops were able to get rid of 2017, with air support from the international Anti-IS coalition. Large parts of Mossuls but are now destroyed.

+++ 15.10: investigation of Gauland due to a tax thing +++

The Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt am Main is determined according to the AfD group in the Bundestag against the party and the Faction leader Alexander Gauland. A group spokesman said on Thursday at the request of the German press Agency that the investigations were in connection with a “private tax error”. First of all, the “world reports”.

The Prosecutor’s office would not comment in reference to the tax secret. Gauland know of the investigation against him, the Prosecutor’s office had turned into this thing already to the Bundestag, told the “world,” citing an AfD spokesperson. In the immunity Committee of the Parliament, the process is according to the report, is known.

+++ 15.03 PM: A suspect in würzburg child porn case free +++

One of the two Suspects in the würzburg child porn case. He was the man who had a reference to a day-care centre in the city. After the first investigations of the urgent suspicion, had hardened against him, informed the Central office for Cybercrime of Bavaria to the General Prosecutor’s office of Bamberg and the police headquarters lower Franconia.

Against the other suspect’s arrest warrant has been requested. The man should still be in the course of the day, the detention judge. The Suspect is suspected to have pornographic images and Videos with small boys in the so-called Darknet widely used, a shielded area of the Internet. Currently, the investigators are going to hunt even after the Victims. The criminal investigation of Würzburg established for information from the public, a Hotline.

+++ 14.44 PM: Erdogan, despite criticism again Video from the stop in Christchurch +++

in Spite of sharp criticism from new Zealand, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a campaign rally, once again, a Video of the attack in Christchurch is shown. In the Video, which was transferred to the extreme right-wing bomber last Friday, live on the Internet, is to see how he fires in the Al-Noor mosque in Christchurch on believers gathered for Friday prayers.

Erdogan showed an edited excerpt of the video on a big screen in a live televised rally in Eskisehir. In addition, it has excerpts from the Manifesto of the assassin show, which is threatening Turkey and Erdogan. Directly after opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu has been displayed, the Erdogan for criticising, to have his hand in front of Terror from the Islamic world warned.

Turkish Ambassador summoned offended

“Highly”: Erdogan Australia upset with Remarks to new Zealand-stop

DPA +++ 14.35 PM: cyclone “Trevor” leads to evacuations in Northern Australia +++

Because of the cyclone “Trevor” have to call the authorities in the North of Australia, a state of emergency and the military to help with the evacuation called. From the island of Groote Eylandt off the coast of the Northern Region of the Northern Territory had already been flew about 220 people to the mainland, said a spokesman for the civil protection. The air force should further evacuation flights. “Trevor” was withdrawn on Wednesday as a storm of category 1 over parts of the Northern state of Queensland and was led to power outages. The weather service expects the cyclone was rapidly increasing from strength to strength and on Saturday with wind speeds of up to 200 kilometres per hour, the coast of the Northern Territory is achieved.

+++ 14.12 PM: More Supplement and free school Lunches for millions of children +++

families of millions of children can now receive higher social benefits and more money for school Lunches and tutoring. The Bundestag decided today, the family-law of Minister for the family, Franziska Giffey, and Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (both SPD). 1. July is increasing, therefore the monthly children’s Supplement of a maximum of 170 to 185 Euro per child. Also the applications have to be significantly simplified. In addition, the “school start – up package is raised” support for satchels, folders, or learning software – from 100 to 150 Euro. The Federal Council must approve the draft law.

+++ 13.25 PM: district to Generic misuse case: Suspect incorrectly +++

In the case of the thousands of child abuse in Lügde the employees of the youth welfare office have assessed, considered the main suspect, according to district administrator Tjark Bartels (SPD) is false. “That this man should have done, could not think of many”, said the authorities chief in the social Committee of the Parliament of lower Saxony in Hannover. The 56-Year-old has only been as a “funny guy and a bit cranky.” Bartels acknowledged again the error, that the youth welfare office had, in spite of three references to paedophilia and sexual abuse in 2016, a little girl for the duration of the camper more living and even the guardianship transferred to the beginning of 2017.

The case von a year-long child abuse and child pornography on the campsite, in the district of Lippe in North Rhine-Westphalia near the border to lower Saxony has developed into a scandal. It is being investigated by child welfare employees and police officers. So far, there are more than 30 victims. Three Suspects sit in detention. the

cases of abuse in Lügde

“The children are the victims. The parents could be perpetrators” – child welfare children get from their families

After the men need on a campsite in Lügde for years, child abuse is the child welfare actively. It takes five more children into care against their parents, a worse suspicion.


+++ 12.52 PM: Venezuela’s Opposition: a Close associate Guaidós fixed +++

In the power struggle in Venezuela agents have taken the set of the secret service, according to the Opposition, the office of the chief of the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó, Roberto Marrero. “We don’t know where he is. He must be released immediately,” wrote Guaidó on Thursday on Twitter. The secret service officials early in the Morning, the houses of him and Marrero by addiction, said the leader of the opposition party Voluntad Popular, Sergio Vergara. Also, his driver has been arrested. For weeks the head of state, Nicolás Maduro and opposition leader Guaidó deliver a fierce battle.

+++ 12.47 PM: Against African swine fever: Luxembourg fence to Belgium +++

built After Denmark, Luxembourg is now building a border fence to protect against the African swine fever (ASF). He should be built in the next few days to the South of the stone Fort on a eight-Kilometer-long section of the border to Belgium, informed the country economic and the Ministry of environment in Luxembourg. In January, Denmark had begun with the construction of a fence on the border to Schleswig-Holstein. However, no case of swine fever in Germany so far demonstrated. The Virus had been detected in September 2018 in Belgium near the border with Luxembourg, in the case of wild pigs. In Luxembourg, the Virus is not yet been demonstrated.

+++ 12.39 PM: Five mosques in Birmingham +++

damaged Just a week after the attacks on Muslims in new Zealand have been damaged five mosques in the English city of Birmingham. Neither the perpetrators nor the motive is known, the police announced. Terrorist experts were involved in the investigation. Neighbors had observed a man hit with a sledge hammer the slices of a mosque. City officials stressed that there is no place for hatred of Muslims. Birmingham tolerant and Islamophobia is a poison.

In the new Zealand city of Christchurch were shot dead in attacks on two mosques last Friday, 50 people, and dozens have been injured. The police arrested after the bloody massacre, an extreme Right-wing from Australia. He faces life in prison.

+++ 12.16 PM: the Federal government plans to announced additional high-speed roads for long-distance trains +++

The railway is to be able to drive on the routes between Frankfurt and Mannheim, Würzburg and Nürnberg, and Hannover and Berlin up to 300 kilometers per hour how the railway Officers of the Federal government, Enak Ferlemann (CDU). To speed up rail traffic between the Ruhr area and Berlin, a new ICE-route for Tempo 300 between Hannover and Bielefeld in the planning already.

is Expected to cost Billions. Ferlemann spoke of long-term projects. The projects are in connection with the planned Germany-clock. The Federal government aims, by 2030, a closer integration of local and long – distance transport. Overall, this should lead to shorter travel times.

+++ 11.56 PM: Prosecutor: perpetrators of Utrecht acted alone and with Terror-motif +++

The alleged death shooter of Utrecht, to answer for murder, with a terrorist motive. The public Prosecutor’s office announced on Thursday. He acted according to the investigators, presumably alone. “The investigation revealed, in the meantime, notes that the Suspect has received during the shots, no help from other people.” The shooter is to be presented on Friday, for the first time the judge. The public Prosecutor does not exclude but also continued personal problems of the man as a motif, “in combination with radicalization.” A psychiatric evaluation should be created.