looks for A UN human rights expert “credible information” on a personal responsibility of the Saudi crown Prince for the killing of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

To clarify the question of guilt was, however, a further investigation is necessary, wrote Agnès Callamard, in its report to the UN human rights Council, which was released on Wednesday in Geneva. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was been as the mastermind of the murder suspect.

Khashoggi (59) had been murdered in October 2018 in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul of a Riad, who travelled specially to the special command, as he wanted to pick up papers for his wedding. The granted by the Saudi leadership to international pressure, and eleven men in front of the court.

Callamard, UN special Rapporteur for extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, calls for international sanctions against the crown Prince. Although the presumption of innocence applies to everyone, always. But in the case of other sanctions shall be taken on any consideration.

International Standards are not known. “Until such Standards are published and their application is carried out on individuals, there is no reason why sanctions should not be against the crown Prince and his personal property imposed,” wrote Callamard.

she criticized in her eyes the lame international response, even if some States had imposed sanctions. “These need to be continued. They are important, but insufficient,” said Callamard. “These sanctions against 17 people obscure the fact that the state is responsible.”

According to the assessment Callamards, it is not credible that the posting of the Saudi death squads could be done without the Knowledge of the crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. He generally approved of the persecution of dissidents. In addition, the destruction of the evidence would not have been able to take place after the murder at the Consulate in Istanbul, without that the crown Prince knew about it.

“The special Rapporteur came to the conclusion that there is credible information that further studies on the individual responsibility of high-ranking Saudi officials, including crown Prince, to justify,” wrote Callamard.

“To the debt, there has been no final assessment. The only conclusion is earn that there is credible evidence that further investigation by appropriate authorities to determine whether the threshold criminal has been exceeded institutional responsibility.”

It was much speculated whether crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had personally given the order to murder Khashoggis, wrote Callamard. This focus on a possible command, and the search for a “Smoking gun,” Wake expectations might not be met. It was in the case of human rights violations is at least as important to identify those who have abused their influence and their Power, which would not have acted so carefully, as your office course.