With sharp attacks against the Democrats and a new Slogan for US President, Donald Trump has been launched officially his campaign for the hoped-for re-election in 2020.

Together with his followers he will “make America great”, and then ensure that it stays “really great,” said Trump on Tuesday evening (local time) in front of around 20,000 cheering audience in Orlando (Florida). Under him, the country will look better than ever, “and that’s why I’m standing here in front of you to start my campaign for a second term as President of the United States of America”.

Trump said “Keep America Great” to his new campaign motto for 2020, on German in approximately: Ensures that America remains great. In the election of 2016, Trump was drawn with the Slogan, “Make America Great Again” (“Making America great again”). Trump called this the best campaign slogan of all time. The output objective was achieved to a large extent.

“We will not lose,” said Trump with a view to the presidential election in November of next year. “I’m going to disappoint you, never,” he promised his followers.

Insistently Trump warned against an election victory by the Democrats. “Our radical democratic opponents are driven by hatred, prejudice and anger,” he said. “They want to destroy you, and they want to destroy our country as we know it.” The Democrats wanted to make America into a socialist state, the US citizens of their basic rights and the borders for illegal immigrant migrants open, claimed Trump. He will not let it get to that. The President warned at the same time, it was a lot at stake, and called on his followers as a matter of urgency, to go to choose.

in addition to his usual attacks on the Democrats and the media rewound Trump in the more than hour-long speech mostly his usual Repertoire of campaign messages. The President stated that no other U.S. government have so reached much as his in the past two and a half years. The economic standing better than ever, unemployment is at historic lows and internationally, the United States respected again. The future has never been so rosy.

“The American dream is back,” said Trump. “He’s bigger and stronger and better than ever.” With concrete statements for its future political Agenda, he held back but.

Trump was accompanied in Florida by Vice-President Mike Pence, his wife Karen and First Lady Melania Trump. His Deputy, Pence said: “We have written to the 2016 story, and we will re-write history.” Even Trumps family, members of his government, and some Republican senators were present at the election campaign kick-off with.

That Trumps Team as the site chose Florida, is no coincidence. The sunshine state in the South is seen as the key to electoral victory. With 29 electoral men of Florida have in common with New York is the third most important state in the U.S. electoral system after Texas and California – and by far the biggest “Swing State”. This refers to the Federal States, in which it is uncertain whether the Democrats or Republicans will win.

in order To Trump out, applying more than 20 Democrats, the candidacy of their party. In particular, Trump called only the two currently most promising democratic candidate: the former Vice-President, Joe Biden, and the independent Senator Bernie Sanders, who had sought as early as 2016, the candidacy for the Democrats. Both potential challengers considered Trump with the usual invective: Sanders he called the “crazy Bernie” (“Crazy Bernie”), Biden the “sleepy Joe” (“Sleepy Joe”).

In the case of the Republicans, except for Trump so far only one other candidate, wants to pull for the party in the election. This is the former Governor of the US state of Massachusetts, Bill Weld. He has no appreciable chance, however, to Trump the candidacy of the Republican dispute.