In the Wake of the recognition of autonomy rights for the Kashmir region, the Indian government had imposed a curfew in the area – this has now been according to official figures, relaxed.

For the regular Friday prayer, the people in the city of Srinagar and surrounding areas are expected to go into mosques in their neighborhood, police said. Also several supermarkets, pharmacies, and other shops were opened again. According to local media, the Internet, work reports, and phone connections in the Himalayan Region, at least partially.

India’s government had withdrawn from the Region of Jammu and Kashmir the beginning of the week the status of autonomy to the population of the area in front of it, or to inform. Currently, tens of thousands of soldiers in control of the Himalayan region, also to prevent protests against the actions of the government in New Delhi. The military also restricts the freedom of movement of the people there. It is a output was lock. Internet and phone were locked down since Sunday evening.

activists report hundreds of arrests of local politicians and separatist leaders and their helpers.

The current autonomy scheme, assured the Indian Kashmir Region, among other things, its own Constitution and flag, as well as far-reaching competences, with the exception of Foreign and defence policy, as well as telecommunications.

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