In the climate debate, has joined Federal Minister of research, Anja Karliczek calls for less of the domestic flights of politicians.

It will be also in the future, not every flight to avoid, because many of the calendars also be knitted by politicians, closely, said the CDU politician of the German press Agency. “Each of us must consider, however, what he can do in the future, personally, something for a good future. I am pleased to concur.” The best CO2 savings provide the trip must not take place.

In July, it was reported that the employees of the Federal ministries and their subordinate authorities have completed in the past year, almost 230,000 of domestic flights – many of them between Bonn and Berlin, because the ministries in both cities, service seats. The environment Committee of the Bundestag had announced to reduce future air travel and to put greater emphasis on video conferencing.

According to the CDU politician, Andreas Jung, Chairman of the CDU Baden-Württemberg regional group in the Bundestag, needs to be reflected in a possible decrease in the VAT for the car in the price structure for passengers down. The relief should be passed on in full to the customer, said the Union group’s Deputy in the Bundestag, the German press Agency. “This needs to be reflected in the Tickets lower.”

train boss Richard Lutz had previously made it clear that such relief could not only beat the ticket prices, but also “in the Form of new attractive services”. This would also provide “additional scope for further investments in our vehicle fleet”. This could mean that the tickets would be the full extent of the relief cheaper.

Karliczek called with a view to climate change at the same time to be more optimistic. The climate changes represent a threat, and the dangers you could not turn away at zero cost. “But maybe we should change our tone,” demanded the Minister. The challenge we must boldly and with Confidence. Germany had to deliver the Knowledge and skills about innovation all the right answers to climate change. “It is a challenge, but we will be there. This must be our attitude.”

Karliczeks party colleague, Prime Minister of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, had been accused by the Federal government, you make the people with their climate protection plans fear. The acceptance of climate protection measures in the case of the people will depend on the burden of pricing to be by a CO2-meet, said Karliczek. You need to be socially balanced. “It must, in particular, to rural life respected. Very many of our citizens are dependent on the car. This must be taken into account in the case of a CO2 pricing.”

The climate Cabinet of the Federal government to 20. September a package with concrete climate protection measures, to ensure that Germany is making progress to reduce greenhouse gas emissions faster. May be a so-called CO2 is introduced-price, which makes the emission of carbon dioxide and thereby Heating or driving a car more expensive. On the other hand, it should give relief.

“climate change will cause significant costs, regardless of whether we are involved or let things take their course,” said Minister of research, Karliczek. The price for the company, but will be many times higher if one were not determined.

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