In the Wake of the strong refugee influx of thousands of notes on possible war in Germany are criminals among asylum seekers unprocessed search. This is after the “image”information from the response of the Federal Ministry of the interior, on the request of the FDP parliamentary group.

After that, the German Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf) from 2014 to early 2019, approximately 5000 references to “crimes under international law” at the Federal criminal police office and the attorney General. Other Make 2000 notes had come. But only in 129 cases, investigations had been recorded. In the years 2015/16, so at the peak of the refugee influx, there were, according to the report, 3800 notes, however, there were only 28 investigations.

“The large number of notes has not been approved, all by, for example, police interrogations, immediately investigate,” said a spokesman for the Federal interior Ministry to “image”. The FDP interior expert Linda Teuteberg warned: “war criminals are allowed to get in Germany no protection. I have a doubt whether the Federal government has pursued in the last few years, always with the seriousness it deserves.”