The South-East of Australia continues to suffer from an extreme heat wave. For the last four days were among the ten hottest since records began, the weather authority on Wednesday. The temperatures reached in many places, almost 50 degrees Celsius. The state of South Australia was broken on Tuesday, several heat records, said meteorologist Philip Perkins to the AFP news Agency. Thus, the Region was on the day “probably one of the warmest in the world, if not the warmest”.

What this means in concrete terms, describe some of the Australians of the British newspaper “The Guardian”:

Tolga Ozkuzucu, gardeners from Mildura

“It was hell. The thing is: You have to work. I’m going in early and make an early night – so 13, 14 at. I am trying to create as much as possible in the Morning. In the afternoon it is simply too hot to Work.” And a special tip of the gardener: “One should leave his tools and equipment in the shade. If not, you will be hot and burn your fingers.”

Tina Loukissas, a Café-owner from Gundagai

“is It hot on the Grill and the deep fryer. It feels as if you’d gone into a Sauna. It is a good possibility that its the toxins to sweat. On days like today, when the temperature rises to 43 or 44 degrees Celsius, because you have all these machines in operation, the air conditioning is not very good.

We have sitting in the tables outside, where for a few days. It is still a work Season of the year. People often come in because we are air-conditioned. There are a few people in there, but it would be crazy to sit on a day like today outside.”

Simon Duke, swimming-pool-in-chief of Alice Springs

“it is Clear that in Alice, it is very hot. Even from 8 or 9 am we had 35 degrees Celsius. Here, the Pool was logically a lot going on. We love the. We can each, located in Central Australia, to offer a place to Cool down. According to our records, we had never before had so many bathers in December.

For people, it is sometimes economically a challenge to leave an air conditioner running around the clock. Alice has a number of public places where you can cool off. The library of Alice Springs and the swimming Pool are two places where the whole community has taken to the use of a common resource. The Pool is one of the good things the city Council does.”

Michelle Coles, the cinema-owner from Port Augusta

“to be Honest, I’m at 48 degrees, much prefer to be in Port Augusta than in the city – there is so much concrete and it is included, but here it’s pretty open. You’re not just standing in the sun, that would be stupid.

most of us have a pretty good air-conditioning. Our local sports centre is open, the air conditioning is on for all who have no. The one thing that I do is that I will visit the older people I know.

We don’t go early in the Morning with our dogs for a walk, we run at night. Even the concrete can still be quite hot. I go in front of the dog-walking barefoot to go out and check it out.”

Also, the animals are longing for slowdown

In Australia it is currently summer. The schools take a break, the beaches are full. Such high temperatures are but also for the Australian unusual. The 50-degree mark was last exceeded 1998: In Mardie in Western Australia was 50.5 degrees, it was hot. In January of 1960, were achieved at the airport of Oodnadatta in the South of the continent, even to 50.7 degrees.

sources: The Guardian

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