In America’s internal returns policy. After 35 days of the declared Republicans and Democrats, the budget freeze last Friday. At least until 15. February. But what the US President makes? According to US media reports, he is supposed to have for this week’s feet up. This is amazing, because in Washington, the parties struggle to negotiate a Deal for the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico.

according to a report by the US-newspaper “Newsweek” is relaxed, the week after the Shutdown for Donald Trump. In his schedule for the whole week, just a Meeting with the secret services, was recognized, and a lunch with Vice-President Mike Pence. The White house did not want to comment on this report. After all, a spokeswoman said Trump had spoken on Wednesday with Venezuela’s interim President, Juan Guaidó. The head of the White house would have sent his congratulations.

Donald Trump is like to have free time scheduled

the question of how the US President is spending this week with his time. On his Twitter channel, which has increased the frequency of the messages. Four messages in the hour is the Trump among the people. Time he taunts against the Democrats. Then again, he wishes to bring about due to the cold wave in the Midwest global warming. Alone on Thursday, he put 15 messages.

White house

Nine hours of free time: How Trumps structure of work days of his presidency, the embossing

It is not the first Time that Trump at-a-glance appointment calendars comes the talk of the town. In January and October 2018, the US news pages “Axios” and “Politico reported,” that he is usually from 11 am to 16.15 PM in the Oval Office present.

Accordingly, Trump had planned on some days, about three times as much free time as working time. At more than nine hours of Executive Time had been provided for””, a euphemism for the unstructured time, in which the President tweeting, and calling friends and watching TV. Official Meetings, policy Briefings, and public appearances – typical daily work as President, would have hardly taken more than three hours.