In December of last year, a 19-Year old, the four-year-old daughter of his girlfriend with severe head injuries to the hospital and claimed she had fallen down. The girl with the name Skylar died a few days later, the young man is now accused of murder. He is said to have committed an almost incredible fact.

American media reports, according to Skylar, the friend of her mother had been home alone, when she spilled juice on his Xbox game console. Then, the man should be locked so fiercely that he beat her unconscious. As he drove then to the hospital, used a flimsy explanation, the cover was blown soon.

As the office of the public Prosecutor’s office announced in the district of Lake County, was Skylar operated on immediately after Arrival in the Chicago clinic. The Doctors tried to combat the swelling in her brain – but the help for the four-year-old girl was late.

19-Year-old from Illinois, life imprisonment

looming On Wednesday, a Grand Jury brought murder charges in four cases against the 19-Year-old from the small town of Waukegan. Thus, the charge falls to be harder than originally planned: After his arrest in December, he is the heavy body had been placed in violation of load.

Bestial murder

man rapes and kills a student – her friend, the Gray no rest

The “heinous” circumstances of the offense, however, would justify, according to the state’s attorney to a life imprisonment.

The lawyer of the accused took no position on the alleged circumstances of the offence, that the beating attack on the corruption of a game console followed. The news magazine “AP News” to knocked he was on the presumption of innocence for his client. “When the true facts come out, he will be acquitted,” said the defender.

sources: “the Washington Post,” “AP News”