For attempted murder with poisoned sandwiches at the workplace, a man from East Westphalia, has been sentenced to life in prison. The district court of Bielefeld, ordered on Thursday in addition to secure placement for the 57-Year-old, as the judges of a slope going out to other more serious crimes.

The court noted the particular Severity of the fault. Thus, the judge imposed the maximum penalty. The man was also spoken of serious bodily harm and dangerous bodily injury, guilty. Until recently, the defendant Klaus O. had expressed himself in the process. The motive for his actions remains a mystery.

Telltale powder on sandwiches

The prosecution had accused the bielefelder for attempted murder and assault. He is more of his work Brought colleagues over the years in operating in lock-Stukenbrock with hazardous substances on their sandwiches, and drinks have been poisoned.

murder trial in Bielefeld

He is said to have poisoned a break loaves of bread – about the enigmatic world of the loner Klaus O.

One of the ill colleague, a white powder was noticed on a bread. He was taken aback, took photos, and the company is a switched line. The left one is video surveillance in the break room install. The recordings, which were also shown in the process as evidence and used showed the now Convicted, as he distributed the powder in of the colleagues in unguarded moments on their sandwiches.

question Why? remains unanswered

The former colleagues of the defendant had appealed the case on the pleadings, again, to the 57-year-old accused, finally to the subject. You wanted to hear from his mouth why they kidneys have been over the years after repeated poisoning is getting worse, sick. A third colleague could not attend the proceedings. His parents described on the witness stand, as her previously happy life son, started with slight Numbness and weakness phases, mysteriously, got sicker and sicker and now in a coma with a severe brain damage, a care case. Prospects for improvement there is not.

The desperate parents on the one hand, a defendant, who showed in the process hardly a stirring sat. Until recently, Klaus O. said nothing to the allegations. Process observers would have seen a short Twitch, as the mother of the young man stood him in the stuff as “Wrong”.

“No one has expected something like this”

her son had Brought to the training during the course of studies in the operation in lock-Stukenbrock helped. Like his older colleagues, he had a distant relationship to the defendant. The trained tool-maker, was considered to be technically knowledgeable, helped with problems, and went otherwise to his colleagues out of the way. A conversation about Private a Cup of coffee. However, there was no dispute.

His colleagues fell in the spring of 2018 from the clouds, as the thing blew up. The lawyer of a sick person in addition to plaintiff’s said before the start: “There was a relationship of trust as in any operation among colleagues, no one has expected something like this.”

The verdict, which has now been taken over by Klaus O., is an exception in the German case-law. Only extremely rarely imposed in the case of attempted murder the maximum sentence. “I have seen a judgment in my career”, says the Berlin victims ‘ lawyer Roland Weber. To is the hard judgment. o. have through with a stony Silence. To its full ability, there is no doubt.

process kick off in Bielefeld

break bread poisoned: he Wanted to observe his colleagues of the physical deterioration?

he Poisoned his colleagues, to see you suffer? In front of the Bielefeld regional court in the trial of a 57 has begun-Year-old, the break should have added loaves of bread with poison.

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