The murder trial for fatal stabbing a 17-year-old Flensburgerin the district court of Flensburg, Germany, will today be the judgment. The Prosecutor has called for in his plea against the defendant a life sentence for murder.

The asylum seekers from Afghanistan, is accused of the young German in the middle of March 2018 in her apartment with 14 stab wounds killed. The next to suit the requirement of the public Prosecutor’s office.

there is debate about the age of the accused. The public Prosecutor assumes that he is older than 21 years, the defence considers him to be younger. The defender has pleaded for acquittal: The evidence could all be judged differently, as it did the Prosecutor. His client should be sentenced, could, in his view, no murder conviction into consideration. The defendant himself, who weigh in during the process of welding, explained that he had not committed the act.