More than three years after a deadly car race in the inner city of Berlin will today be the judgment spoken. In the newly-rolled-up process at the district court of the capital, two young men are accused.

The public Prosecutor has demanded long prison sentences for murder and life-long driving license-life Lock.

Two drivers of sports cars, which are now 30 and 27-years-old, were raced in February of 2016, with up to 170 kilometres per hour on the Kurfürstendamm. The elder defendant had finally rammed at a red light, a Jeep. The 69-year-old driver died in his car.

The defenders of the 30-Year-old pleaded to a conviction for negligent homicide. The defenders of the 27-Year-old to a three-year prison sentence for dangerous driving and negligent bodily injury of his former co-driver.

another criminal chamber of the regional court had imposed in February 2017 against the two men in Germany for the first Time in a racer-case, to life imprisonment for murder. The Federal court of justice (BGH) saw but a conditional intention to Kill, as not sufficiently justified. He reversed the judgment and ordered a new trial in the district court.