in the context of Russia-investigations, accused former campaign Advisor of US President, Donald Trump, Roger Stone, you must not talk publicly about his case. This was decided by the judge in the process, after Stone had published on his Instagram profile a Posting to see where you in addition to an apparent cross-hairs. The image he had with the comment: “Due to the legal trickery of a contract killer of the “state within a state”, Robert Mueller, has ensured that the pending show trial against me will be held before judge Amy Berman Jackson, an Obama-appointed judge (…).”

the Stones ‘ lawyers had sent to the court after the Instagram action of your clients a letter of apology that Stone signed, but had not written, he said, according to the US news channel CNN. Jackson invited the 66-Year-old then again to question him for the Posting to.

judge believes Roger Stone

at the beginning of the hearing his lawyer Stone the apology to repeat – this time under oath and from the witness stand out, according to CNN. Also in the further course of the hearing of the policy advisors have regretted his behavior on several occasions and explained that the photo with the cross-hairs had been selected by one of his five or six volunteers, whose name he could not call. He had selected it from several images on Instagram posted. The cross-hairs, he had held for a Celtic Symbol.


Ex-Trump Advisor Roger Stone attacked his own judge

The judge wanted to know from Stone to determine whether he had a clue how to search with Google in the Internet, as the newspaper “USA Today” reported. “How hard was it to find a photo that had no crosshairs in the corner?”, did Jackson asked the former Trump’s consultants and stated that they do not believe his statements. “Thank you, but the excuse sounds pretty hollow. On a cross there is no ambiguity.” The image was suitable for an angry mob to violence, incite.

the Stones ‘ appearance on the witness stand was not run smoothly, writes CNN. His imprecise and changeable answers have strained the patience of the judge.Finally, Jackson decided to the according to media reports, that Stone could relate to the case, which brought him in the last few weeks, plenty of public attention and Interviews, nor in any media, via press releases, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat Posts position. So she wanted to prevent the case ausarte in a circus, the judge.


Roger Stone, arrested – Ex-consultant does not want to be against Trump statements

AFP “Dirty Trickster” and “political assassins”

Stone is accused by the US special investigator Robert Mueller in the affair of the Russian Manipulation of the U.S. election campaign of 2016, obstruction of Congress, investigations, false statements and Witness tampering. He is on bail of 250,000 dollars on the loose, and has all allegations of himself. Judge Jackson had missed a Stone in the last week, a muzzle. The was, however, only for Statements made in the court building and in its immediate vicinity. Lawyers and prosecutors in the case had instructed Jackson to Express themselves neither in the Public nor to the media in a way that could jeopardise the procedure.

Roger Stone has for decades been a controversial figure in US politics. Worked the beginning of his career, he later resigned US President Richard Nixon. In the year 2000, organized Stone to the presidential election, protests against a vote recount in Florida that might have made the democratic candidate Al Gore for head of state – instead of George W. Bush. Stone is named because of these and other actions, the “Dirty Trickster” and “political assassins”.

sources: CNN, “USA Today”