in Sweden, due to injury, accused US Rapper Asap Rocky and his two co-defendants are provisionally free again. The court in Stockholm ordered on Friday the release of the 30-Year-old and his friends out of detention. Previously, the prosecution and the defence had kept their closing arguments. The judge announced the sentencing for the 14. August. According to his lawyer, Asap Rocky and his companions can leave the country.

According to the decision of the judge of the musician, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, left the court through a side entrance and disappeared in a car. Official information about the destination, it was not initially. The Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet” reported that he was on the way to the airport, where a private plane waiting for him. On Instagram Asap Rocky thanked his Fans for their support: “I can’t even describe how grateful I am of all of you,” he wrote.

Donald Trump calls out Asap Rocky to go home

US President Donald Trump, who had campaigned for the release of the 30-Year-old tweeted: “Asap Rocky out of prison and on the way home to the United States.” In allusion to the name of the rapper – the acronym ASAP stands for “as soon as possible,” – wrote Trump continued: “Come as quickly as possible to go home.”

Asap Rocky and his companions were a month in Sweden in custody. The charge was assault and battery. The men had given, at the end of June in the centre of Stockholm struck a 19-Year-old and have entered. You stated that the man felt threatened and in self-defense acted.

US Rapper in Sweden before the court

stuff inside: Asap Rocky threw the victim to the ground – state lawyer prison


The state’s attorney does not demand the explanation followed. He said that the three had together and in agreement with each other, the victim beaten. Asap Rocky should be harder than the other two punished. He admitted he had, the man a few meters thrown far and to have then on his Arm, and him, punched kicked.

The defenders of the musician looked at his clients are completely misrepresented. He called for his immediate release. Also, the lawyers for the other two defendants called for a repeal of the detention.

victim was Asap Rocky followed

The victim, a 19-year-old Afghan hound, had followed several statements according to the group, the Rapper over a longer period of time and with the bodyguard in a fight. Two women testified on Friday as a witness, confirmed that the US-Americans calling for the 19-Year-old multiple times to leave them alone. But the man refused. In the end it came to a brawl, during which he thrown to the ground, and a plurality of punches and kicks was made.

According to Trump-tweets

hands away from meatballs and Ikea – Fans of ASAP Rocky call to Sweden-Boycott on


Whether in the scuffle, broken glass or bottles were used, was the crucial question in the process. The victim had testified that it was to be with shards of glass have been violated. Of his Arm cut, there were wounds.

The two women who were in the dispute present, reported that someone from the entourage of the rapper had a glass bottle in the Hand, they saw that it was beaten. The three defendants claimed to have the bottles removed, so that the others could not take.

Asap Rocky

US Rapper in Sweden, incarcerated: U.S. sent experts for hostage-taking


The bodyguard, played a Central role in the altercation, was not charged, but said, finally, as a witness. He also described the 19-Year-old as aggressive. He had the impression that the young man was on drugs. He had perceived the man as a threat and tries to protect Asap Rocky in front of him, he said. “He had something in his Hand. I don’t know what it was.”

it came As the 19-Year-old repeated to him, he was finally seized by Asap Rocky and thrown, told the bodyguard. The defendant had hit him and kicked until he broke up the Fighting. “Rocky wanted to defend myself.”

The case had sparked a huge media interest and even led to diplomatic upheaval between Washington and Stockholm after the US President, Trump for the release of the rapper was used. The US President was on a collision course with the Swedish government. This has repeatedly emphasized the independence of the Swedish judiciary. For the observation of the three-day proceedings, Trump had sent a specialist hostage to Stockholm.

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