In Venezuela, the country with the world’s largest Oil reserves, is an open power struggle between the socialist government of President Nicolás Maduro and the Opposition, under the leadership of the Parliament-in-chief Juan Guaidó erupted. Human rights activists have firmly reported 13 Dead and 100 participated in riots across the country on Wednesday. The 35-year-old Guaidó declared Maduro for disempowered and himself as a transitional President. The United States and many countries in Latin America are behind the self-appointed interim head of state.

How the situation in Venezuela is at this moment?

Confusing. After Guaidó had declared in front of the jubilant protesters to the interim President, swore Maduro, in turn, his supporters from the balcony of the presidential Palace to the defense of his socialist government. “Nobody here,” exclaimed Maduro. In the streets of Caracas and other major cities of the country, government opponents fought under the fierce clashes with the security forces.

Who is the self-appointed transitional President Juan Guaidó?

Until recently, was the 35-year-old engineer is still an unknown backbencher in the disempowered national Assembly of Venezuela. Because of his party “Voluntad Popular” (as in: will of the people) imprisoned at the beginning of year by rotation in accordance with the Parliament chair of state, and the most prominent heads or in exile, fell Guaidó the office of the President of Parliament, practically in the lap. He immediately went on a hard course of confrontation with the government and Maduro called a usurper – someone who has ripped the power of the state illegally. For weeks, he drummed for a change of power in Caracas. On his Twitter profile of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela since Wednesday: presidential (transition).


With a country flag and an image of Simon Bolivar, the liberator of Venezuela of the Spaniards, in the Hand, be explained by the opposition leader and President Juan Guaidó to the transitional President of the country.

©Federico Parra, AFP What is the basis for Guaidó his claim to power?

the President of The Parliament calls on the Venezuelan Constitution. Because the corresponded to the re-election of Maduro in the last year, the rules of democracy, the Parliament that there is no legitimate President. In this case, the Constitution stipulates in article 233, elections. In the meantime, the Chairman of the Parliament of transition shall assume the office of President.

Who recognizes Guaidó as a legitimate President?

United States force change of power

Chaos in Venezuela: the Need to assign “Maduro and his cronies”?


a few minutes after its proclamation as a head of state, US President, Donald Trump stood behind Guaidó. Also, Canada and most Latin American States recognized the Parliament-in-chief as interim President – including very fast in Colombia, with a wave of refugees from the neighboring country. The EU strengthens the European Parliament with the back and calls for “free and credible elections”; the spokesman of the CDU/CSU group in the Bundestag, Jürgen Hardt, designated Guaidó in a Erklräung as the “sole legitimate representative of the Venezuelan people”. Is supported Maduro, however, even from its allies in Cuba and Bolivia. Also, Mexico didn’t acknowledge Guaidó first. Turkey and Russia were also behind Maduro.

Guaidós are opportunities to take over the business of the government?

According to the current state of things. The Opposition is weakened: Many government opponents sit in prison, not allowed to engage politically, or went into exile. The remaining opposition are in disarray. In addition, Maduro is supported by the military, that sits on many centres of Power. “The soldiers of the Fatherland will not accept a President who is being used by dark forces, or from the Law itself uses,” wrote defense Minister Vladimir Padrino on Twitter.

it is Unclear at the Moment how far the USA would go to support Guaidó. President Donald Trump has announced, “to throw the full weight of economic and diplomatic Power of the United States” in the pan, in order to force Maduro to the transfer of power. However, the country is already since years economically on the ground; on the other hand, 40 percent of the Oil exports of Venezuela are going in the United States. Not ruled out a military Intervention but seem to be. Trump said: “All options are on the table”, without carrying out in Detail. A senior government representative said on Wednesday in Washington: “If we say that all options are on the table, then that means that all options are on the table.” Generally speaking, Trump is trying actually, U.S. troops from abroad should be deducted.