It is a message that has it all: Robert Mueller finds no evidence of collusion between Trumps the camp, and Russia is at least a summary, to be submitted to the Minister of justice, Bill Barr, the report of the special investigator has (read here the first findings in the Overview). The US President considers the matter closed, the Democrats are of a different opinion. Among other things, because of a sentence that is likely to provide a lot of discussion (why, read here).

After the discovery of the first findings from the investigation will also be this question: “A clear victory for Trump” (“time Online”) or “Trumps half the victory” (“Spiegel Online”)? At least in one respect, many commentators seem to agree: The investigation by Mueller is now finished – a good message – but the final report is likely to split the United States. The Press Votes.

Donald Trump and the Mueller report – the press comments on the first findings

Süddeutsche Zeitung (Munich, Germany): “Robert Mueller has finished his investigation. That alone is good news for America. For almost two years, the investigations have lasted. (…) The fact that Mueller recommends in his final report, no further charges, suggests that he behavior Trumps in this sense, for the criminal as worthy of. And perhaps the end is not the worst outcome. Robert Mueller has shown to the Americans – at least those who want to know – what has a character of its President. Trump has no interest in the democratic game, he’s lying and tricking, if he wins. But at the same time, Mueller has made the Democrats realize that their brisk hike on a Impeachment towards similarly questionable.”

investigation on the Russia-affair

The (first) findings from the Mueller report at a Glance


“Online” : “It is time, the issue of Russia tick, and the content of your discussion with Trump. No Mueller report, no impeachment, and no candidate from the ranks of the Republicans will probably prevent that Donald J. trump’s Name will be in November of next year on the ballot. Who wants to defeat him, you must do that on a political level. Instead of spending the next two years to Trumps electoral victory, execute (…)”

ZDF : “Actually, it was the. The topic of Donald Trump and, in turn, so despised by the media, literally owned goods, is cleared. (…) If Robert Mueller says there’s nothing, then nothing was there. The man is one of the most brilliant investigators in the country, and on top of that, so impartial and incorruptible, that you want to wish for him as a presidential candidate. He (Trump, N. d. Red.) will celebrate the Mueller-conclusion as a seal of quality, like a monstrance carry it in front of you, with the cry of ‘no collusion’ in the electoral battle and then everything is political failure of his presidency to push for the Democrats in the shoes, because they are boycotting allegedly out of sheer obsession of his policy.”

investigation of the FBI special investigator

Trump “totally” in the clear? A sentence in the Mueller report is likely to is for discussions concerned


Spiegel Online : “There is something for everyone here: Trump and his faithful will triumph, they see themselves exonerated. That’s right, Yes. But it is only half a victory. Because the Democrats and Trump opponents have starting points for new attacks on the President. Whether he has disabled the justice or not, remains unclear and is likely to be the target of further investigation by the Congress. As well as the various other proceedings that are still in New York pending – and the Trump is apparently in a different way is involved. To his dubious credit transactions, the hush money payments to women, and, and, and. (…) The already polarized American society, these results are along the usual party will interpret lines. The report does not heal the wounds that gape between Trumpisten and the Rest of the country, but you will deepen further. The election of 2020, is opening up finally.”

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Zurich, Switzerland): “thanks to Mueller, is now well known that Trumps campaign management showed interest, of Russia, in the end, the Material about the Democrat, Hillary Clinton-duty. A less gracious state’s attorney would have been able to conclude on the intention to commit an Offence. Thanks to the investigation, the Public know of the illegal hush money payments Trumps to two women with whom he apparently had Affairs, and, not least, the investigation revealed had been surrounded, with what criminal figures of the President. (…) A President who lies to the population, the eyes to the threats from Russia, closes, and in its personnel policy, a blatant lack of judgment shows that A verdict on Trump, even without further charges possible. Anyway, the criminal law is not the appropriate Instrument to come up with a challenge like this deal. America’s voters still have an early enough opportunity to make their own judgement.”

Financial Times (London, United Kingdom): “According to a legal Interpretation of a President of the US cannot be accused of the President. This is not to say, however, that Donald Trump can’t be prosecuted, if he is in office. The publication of a shortened summary (the Mueller report) would mean the American Public. After a nearly two-year investigation, Americans have right to know all the facts about the contacts of your President with Russia. There is no doubt that the Kremlin has meddled in 2016 in the presidential elections. There is little doubt that key aides of Trump – including his campaign Manager and his Deputy, his personal attorney and his first safety Advisor have committed a number of offences. Mueller may not be able to prove what knew Trump, and when he knew it. But ‘not proven’ is not the same as ‘discharge’.”

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