The already slim majority of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Parliament in London has melted together after a by-election on a single voice.

so far, the Tories held the seat for the County of Brecon and Radnorshire, to the East of Wales fell according to the Agency, PA from the early Friday morning at the liberal Democrat Jane Dodds. For Johnson, the by-election was the first Test after his inauguration last week.

In the house of Commons, the Conservatives and their coalition partner, the DUP from Northern Ireland now there are only 320 seats, compared to 319 members of the entire Opposition. So that it would be for Johnson to be more difficult to bring his plans for the forthcoming Brexit by the Parliament, wrote to PA. In addition, the likelihood of short-term elections increases.

Johnson wants to be the country on December 31. October, from the EU – if necessary even without a Deal. He wants to act the between of his predecessor, Theresa May, and Brussels, the agreement post. The European Union, but rejects strict.

Also in the UK, Johnson pushes with its plans, in the meantime, considerable resistance. During his first Visit in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the Prime Minister has suffered severe criticism from political parties and protesters once. So many farmers in Wales to fear about EU-funding in the event of a Brexits without agreement, with Johnson the EU is always threatening.

A No-Deal Brexit would damage the economy and other areas of life. Johnson and many other proponents of leaving the EU insist, to stress the so-called Backstop in the Deal.

This warranty clause is to prevent a hard border between British Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Because that could stir up the old conflict between Catholic supporters of a unification of Ireland and Protestant loyalists again.

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