hopes vanish: the search for a missing 35-year-old British woman on the Greek island of Ikaria forces discovered a corpse. The channel “Sky News reports, among other things,”.

Whether it is the discovery of the mortal Remains of the scientist, is not yet clear, reports the news channel. The body will now be examined.

body was discovered two days after the Disappearance

The woman was companions on the Monday of your life as a reported missing after not returning from a round of Jogging in rocky terrain, such as an appointment to your Hotel on the Mediterranean island. The police searched for their own information, first, unsuccessfully, with a large contingent, according to her, also the fire brigade and coast guard were involved in the search operation, the special unit had been managed from the mainland by helicopter on the island. Now a volunteer, the officers made the gruesome discovery in a ravine about five kilometres from the property, writes the British newspaper “The Sun”.


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The London-born astrophysicist was with your friend on the Aegean island of Ikaria in the holiday. She lives and conducts research, normally in the Cypriot city of Nicosia.

The case is reminiscent of a sad reminder of the fate of a living in Germany, a US scientist from the Max-Planck-Institute in Dresden. The 59-Year-old returned last month from a hike on the island of Crete back. The body of the researcher was found in an abandoned cave system, a 27-year-old farmer and a little later arrested. He confessed, to have the woman raped and murdered. The Prosecutor’s office accused the man, in the meantime, among other things, manslaughter and rape. When the trial against him begins, is not yet known.

sources: “Sky News”, “The Sun”, news Agency AFP

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