Travis Kauffman made at the beginning of February headlines. The man from the US state of Colorado had been attacked while Jogging by a mountain lion and was successful against the Predator. In TV appearances, he told then of his struggle to Survive and such as the Puma, finally, his feet could strangle.

On Friday have now given the local environmental authorities, the results of the autopsy of the animal is known. Kauffman was attacked, therefore, only a few months old Baby Puma, believed to be orphans, young and not heavier than 18 kg, report about the “Coloradoan”, NBC News, and the British “the Independent”.

Baby Puma weighed as much as a Border Collie

“The cause of death was (…) blunt force trauma and Strangulation”, is quoted from the Letter from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Due to Wildfraß the sex was no longer unique to sure, is it in the media reports. However assuming that it was a four to five-month-old male cub. Adult male mountain lion can weigh like up to 100 kilograms. According to harder, it would have been for a merchant, to overpower such an animal.


A young mountain lion, Puma also called

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“He did everything to save his life” – Jogger strangled Puma after attack

it must have been a young animal acted, was already known. Kauffman himself had spoken in press conferences by a young mountain lion, and the fear on his way back, the mother could attack him. New is just how young the Puma was actually. The young robber had the weight of a medium-sized dog, such as an average Border collie.

expert: Travis Kauffman has done nothing wrong

Kauffman had described his fight with the animal, and if The robber was, therefore, also of are Call not to disperse, attacked him and bites into his wrist. The two had rolled down an embankment, would have together struggled. However, blows with a brick on the head would not have moved the animal to let Loose, which is why Kauffmann saw eventually forced to rise with the foot on the neck of the Cougar and kill him. The man had several minor injuries, mainly scrapes. The animal experts Kauffmann according to media reports, no accusations. Even if it was a young animal, so he had done everything right to defend themselves.

Bloody ring battle

He strangled a Cougar: Jogger describes for the first time, his “struggle for Survival”


Normally, the Cougars would live for about twelve to 18 months with their mother before they move alone through the Wilderness. According to media reports, two more Young were captured, allegedly, the brothers and sisters of the strangled animal, near the point of Death. The two are to be aufgepeppelt accordingly, and to the wild. The mother of three had not been on the spot.

sources: Coloradoan / NBC News / “the Independent”