All were waiting for Joe Biden. So it seemed, anyway, as even a slip of the tongue of a 76-Year-old, cared for by cheers and headlines. “To kick, Joe, kick!”, to called you to the political veteran, as he the state of Delaware and in mid-March at an event in his home-on the stage. Almost (and probably accidentally) he would have since announced his candidacy for the office of U.S. President. He got a turn, smiled in the telling slip of the tongue way. “I didn’t mean it like that.”, he told the cheering crowd. And: “save your energy, I will you might need in a few weeks.”

Now, a few weeks later, came this time. The former Vice-Chairman of Barack Obama in the presidential race of 2020, and will challenge incumbent Donald Trump. On Thursday, he released via Twitter a video message in which he announced his candidacy. Already on Wednesday, several media had reported, citing Familiar about his plans.

It is the start of a campaign, the great the chances of success is to be said of them. Biden, of many affectionately called “uncle Joe” is called, is considered by many as a beacon of hope. Who is the subject of the man, to the scary, great expectations?

President for the United States of America

Joe Biden is one of the most popular politicians in the country, that’s why he is for many a preferred candidate. Even before he declared himself a competitor, he led the list of favorites of the Democrats-resistant. What the Americans appreciate “uncle Joe”? The short answer: He is a man of the people, so far as his supporters.

U.S. presidential election, 2020

U.S. Democrats: It apply to countless women, but in surveys two white men

Niels Kruse

Joseph Robinette “Joe” lead Biden, Jr., Born in 1942, comes from a humble background. He grew up in a Catholic working-class family in Pennsylvania, his father a car salesman. After a law degree in Wilmington (the US state of della ware), he worked as a lawyer, married his high school love and the father of three children. In his life he learned many blows of fate. In 1972, his wife and his one year old daughter died in a car accident killed two of his sons were injured on your sick bed, he took his oath of office for the U.S. Senate. For your sake, he remained in Wilmington and commuted daily by train to Washington. In 1977, he married again and from this marriage a daughter was born. In 1988 he successfully removed a brain tumor, 2015, he had to his son Beau after a long illness funeral.

to be Alone Background makes Biden particularly. But also its origin many see as promising. The calculus: A simple (and white) man from the rust belt of Pennsylvania could have a good chance of the work environment to pick up – and those voters shift back to conquer the lost 2016, trump is a Republican.

voters, which could appear the field of Candidates the Democrats to the left, could feel for Biden to be in good hands: He is on the left as the right wing points , and as a mediator and reconciler. Example: on the one Hand, he fought for the marriage for all, on the other hand, he rejected demands for a national unity health insurance company. A fact, he jokes self-ironically. So he had read in the “New York Times,” he says in January at an event that his possible candidacy would have a big Problem: He’d like a Republican. “Well, in this case: Forgive me, father, for I have sinned,” he said, and crossed himself. The laughs were on him for sure.

Biden’s strongest arguments, however, are its experience and popular : From 1973 to 2009, he was a US Senator for Delaware, then eight years Vice-President. His friendship with President Obama – documented in countless Videos, and Memes in the network made him one of the most popular and well-known politicians in the country.

A buddy a competent politician but a charismatic instead of choleric: this Is what Donald trump States agreed from America just need the most? “We need a captain who can lead us through the stormy sea,” wrote anyway, the democratic strategist Peter Fenn, on the American Portal “The Hill”.

Joe Biden has not always creditably excelled

Biden’s long career, but it also carries a substance that could be used against him He spoke about the 1975 counter-measures for the abolition of racial separation in schools. In 1988, during his first presidential bid, he flew, as he had copied passages of his speech at the British Labour Party Chairman, Neil Kinnock. He withdrew his application after six weeks. Later, Biden acknowledged that Anita Hill, he was at your hearing in 1991 before the judiciary Committee – whose Chairman – a “defamed”. Hill had accused the Federal judge Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment.

And Biden even had the recent inappropriate behavior of women accused. The Democrat Lucy Flores about said Biden have approached to 2014 at one of her campaign appearances from the back, smell her hair and give her a kiss on the back of the head. Another woman had reported that Biden had laid out in 2009 at an event his Hand around her neck and moved to RUB his nose at her. Biden promised to the allegations of the improvement: “in the future I’ll be more attentive and respectful with the personal space of people,” promised Biden, in a Video Clip.

So: a Joe Biden has not exactly covered itself in his career with glory.

“Social norms change”

Two women accuse him of übergriffiges behavior. Ex-Vice President Biden also praised improvements


In his Work is connected with contradictions, he will have to dissolve in the election campaign. As a decades-long part of the policy operation, many problems will complain of Trump (and his voters) are n, theoretically, to him due. He also, is a 76-year-old white man, there must be, against a diverse and fresh field of Applicants.

And he will start at Zero, financially speaking. According to the New York Times has Biden collected no campaign contributions. The newspaper calculates: The 76-Year-old would have to pull to generate every day more than 100,000 dollars in campaign funds to until Christmas with a presidential candidate Bernie Sanders-the now just under 27 million dollars and collected millions of reserves from the last election campaign. The first indicator of its chances of success could result also from a credibility problem, believes the tide: How “middle class” and regardless Biden acts on the base, he should scrape millions at a record pace of corporate and political insiders? He would need in addition, many individuals may a maximum of donations 2800 dollars, writes the New York Times.

A self-runner is not likely to be Biden’s candidacy. He will probably know. Maybe he also said: “save your energy, I will you might need in a few weeks.”

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