With an unconventional advertising campaign has angered the German armed forces the car manufacturer Ford and its employees. With the Slogan “Job? Do what really counts,” said the German armed forces according to its own information aware of the impending job cuts in the Cologne car plant.

The subject was placed as an ad in a local tabloid. A car with the “Job?”-Poster was in front of the Cologne Ford plant.

The works Council of Ford Europe criticized the German army for the campaign, for the word “Fort” as the Logo of the car manufacturer. “This is absolutely inappropriate and disrespectful,” said Martin Hennig, General Manager of Ford of Europe: “The Bundeswehr is being exploited in a vulgar way, fates for advertising purposes”. That a state organization is necessary, is frightening, said Henning of the German press Agency.

From business circles, it said on Thursday, Ford is negotiating for some time with the armed forces, whether from the job cuts affected employees in the troop could come up. The advertising campaign didn’t like the car maker: “We have tried to prevent this campaign. The Federal Ministry of defence was ready to do this, in no way conversation,” said Reiner Ludwig, managing Director for human resources of Ford-Werke. A spokeswoman for the German defence Ministry confirmed that it had “previously given talks and advice on our action”.

The spokeswoman stressed that they wanted to offend anyone: “The Bundeswehr wants to offer people who are affected by downsizing, a career in Uniform and in our civilian sector.” The action ran for a day in Cologne and Wolfsburg. There had before the VW plant in van demonstrated the saying “A Job for the people in the car”.

A spokesman for the VW group works Council criticized the action as well. “Advertising can certainly be cheeky, but you may not be used for impudence,” said the spokesman. Volkswagen had recently announced, in the next five years, 5000 to 7000 jobs could be cut.

said the costs of the action, the Federal Ministry of defence on dpa request, they had located the van in the “low single-digit thousands”. How much the Ads cost in Newspapers and Social media, has left the Ministry.

At Ford in Cologne and Saarlouis will soon be eliminated 5400 Ask about severance pay, and early retirement. Overall, the car manufacturer has in Germany – including a small research facility in Aachen – 24,000 employees as a core workforce. Added to this are the temporary workers, which will also be the austerity affected.